Jewish Democrats spearhead letter to Trump blasting peace plan, by Ron Kampeas

“Our concern is both with the substance of your plan, which will exacerbate and entrench conflict rather than resolve it, and with the timing of its release,” said the letter, initiated by Andy Levin of Michigan and Alan Lowenthal of California. Another seven Jewish Democrats also signed.

Andy Levin and the other 106 Democrats who came out against Trump's peace plan have obviously ignored the past 72+ years of Israeli history. They've forgotten about every Arab and Palestinian rejection of peace in that 72+ years. They're ignoring all of the Palestinian terrorism in response to previous peace plans and the Palestinian violence in response to incitement from Palestinian leadership.

And yes, the Palestinians will reject this plan too. It's what they do because they will accept no plan that includes the acceptance of a Jewish state. It's that simple. No matter what kind of excuses they and their allies offer, no matter how many tantrums they throw because they're getting less than what they would have gotten had their Arab ancestors agreed to peace in 1948, this plan was doomed from the beginning.

These Democrats, led by Michigan's own Andy Levin, rather than working in the best interests of the United States by supporting our strongest ally, Israel, are solidly behind the Palestinians and their terrorist leaders.

It's too bad they see their mission as working against Trump rather than working for the United States.