Jewish Activists Push Failed Leaders to Publicly Defend the Community, by Charles Jacobs

The Detroit area is not the only community in which Jewish leadership is failing to confront our tormentors.

Read this article by Charles Jacobs on an incident in Raleigh N. Carolina. Here is a quick excerpt:

Josh Ravitch and Amy Rosenthal, who co-founded the North Carolina Coalition for Israel (NCCI), were shocked to learn that Raleigh was the next target. They had already seen what the campaign did to Durham, the first (and only) city to pass the boycott against training with Israeli police. Following approval of the “Deadly Exchange” resolution, Durham was beset with vile antisemitic posters, fliers, and swastikas around town. When NCCI board member Deborah Friedman discovered a petition for a “Deadly Exchange” campaign in Raleigh that had more than 700 signatures, NCCI activists felt that Jews had to do everything they could to prevent a repeat of the Durham fiasco. NCCI reached out to other community members to see if they were aware and to coordinate our efforts.

What they learned was that other local Jewish institutions were, in fact, aware of the Raleigh petition, but had not shared this information. One of those who had met privately with two of Raleigh’s seven city council members told Ravitch and Rosenthal, “If I had to guess, it’s not going to pass.” However, NCCI knew that council members in Durham had lied to some of these same Jewish community leaders, reassuring them that the council members would not be voting to approve a resolution. NCCI found the guessing part to be less than reassuring.

One NCCI member, Kathryn Wolf, was an especially strong advocate for a robust, proactive response to prevent Raleigh from following in Durham’s footsteps, and the NCCI board wholeheartedly agreed. When the NCCI activists made plans to speak at the Raleigh City Council meeting, pressure came down hard to silence them. There were phone calls and emails almost daily, telling them not to speak, some of them angry and threatening. They were told that if Raleigh were to pass the boycott, the fault would be deliberately and publicly laid on them. They were told that the mayor was angry that NCCI planned to speak. They were told that the JCRC didn’t want them to speak or be involved. They were told that it was none of their business since many of them don’t live in Raleigh. They were told that it shouldn’t look like one fringe group battling against another. They were told they would be giving JVP undeserved press.

In other news, there was a rally against antisemitism yesterday in Washington DC. How well was it covered by the media? Did you read about it? See it on TV? On the Internet?

Here is an interesting Twitter thread by Mark Leibowitz.

Read both. And think about what may be in store for our children and grandchildren while so many Jews remain either unconcerned or actively siding (A**y L*v*n) with antisemites.