Jew Hatred on Campus

It's becoming much more common. It's ignored in the mainstream press and by most college administrators.

Like Weiss at the Times, Ritch said of USC’s leadership: “[I] am disappointed that the university has not recognized the need to publicly protect Jewish students from the type of antisemitic harassment I endured.”
See a pattern?
Oberlin College students can erect a memorial honoring dead Palestinian terrorists from Islamic Jihad, and Northwestern University can host Rasmea Odeh, a convicted terrorist who killed two Israelis, but a student with pro-Israel sentiments is cause for a movement to try to remove her from USC’s student government.

Jews need to make more noise about it.

Meanwhile at the University of Michigan:

In Jesse Arm’s case, University of Michigan president Mark Schlissel issued no statement at all. In fact, months after Arm’s nightmare, SAFE erected an anti-Israel “apartheid wall” on Rosh Hashanah in the center of the campus. They assembled Israel-bashers dressed up as Israel Defense Forces’ soldiers who yelled at students passing by.
Anguished Jewish students implored Schlissel to speak up. He did not, even though just one week before he did speak up when black students were targeted. After racist flyers were found on campus, Schlissel issued a statement that “behavior that seeks to intentionally cause pain to members of our community is reprehensible.” Yet he failed to acknowledge the pain that SAFE deliberately caused to the Jewish community or condemn SAFE for its disgraceful actions.

Every campus group, real or imagined is protected, except for Jews. As in Medieval Europe, when it comes to Jews, the season is always open.

Did I mention that Jews need to speak up?