It's Not Just American Jews

If you've been following this blog, you've read our critiques on the state of progressive American Jewish thought. We've consistently shown you how that thought is not only not good, but actually dangerous for American Jews and for Israel.

And it's not just us. Others have been raising that warning. For example, here is a recent piece by Alan Bergstein headlined "American Jewish Useful Idiots."

Did I hear you say, "What about relocating to Israel?" Understand that these same 72% of Jews who currently support all the Israel-hating voices emanating from the new leadership of The Party, will revel in the destruction of the Jewish homeland. Look at the astounding growth of such Jewish-infused groups such as J Street, Americans for Peace Now, T'ruah, Jewish Voice for Peace, Rabbis for Obama, The Center for Middle East Peace, If Not Now and Jewish Professors Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Barry Trachtenberg and more than a host of others, all of whom are targeting the very existence of Israel by indoctrinating their students with a hatred for that land.
You can see the trend.
Naturally, all of the above groups and professors are adored and used by the Democrats to garner support for their candidates, all of whom march lock-step with The Party's leader. For eight years that was Reverend Wright-nurtured President Barack Obama. Now the lead Democrat Presidential candidate is Joe Biden, who recently promised to welcome back into D.C., the terrorist supporting Palestinian Liberation Organization's Embassy, opened by Obama in 2009 and kicked out by President Trump in 2018.

Bergstein may be even more cynical about progressive American Jews than we are.

Making it worse, is that it's not just the 72% of American Jews who have replaced their Judaism with progressive politics.

The British Jewish community is seeing that same shift. According to David Collier:

Left wing propagandists jump on situations such as this and use them as a recruitment tool. Groups such as Yachad probably don’t believe for a minute that the BOD will actually make that statement. But it creates an illusion through which they present themselves as the legitimate voice of the young – as hard-left organisations always do.
Yachad’s political positions include dividing Jerusalem, negotiating with Hamas and labelling settlement products. They opposed the US declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Yachad’s position is that everything must be decided through negotiated settlement. All of it. If Israel is to do anything they have to have the agreement of the Palestinians. However, when the Palestinians do something, for example when they seek international recognition as a state, Yachad supports the move.
Yachad’s mirror on the left is not with any of the parties that would sit in the current government. It is Meretz. The same Meretz who no longer define themselves as Zionists and need to align with other parties at election time to ensure they pass the minimum threshold. Meretz currently have just three members of Parliament. Yachad meet up with all those NGOs that the fringe Israeli peace groups meet up with. They worship B’tselem, Breaking the silence and others of similar ilk. Their Twitter feed shares the rants of anti-Zionists who write for 972 magazine. This week they are hosting an event with a representative of the PA who has suggested Jews ‘fabricate’ the story of the Holocaust.
Another group called ‘Na’amod’ is the fallout from some of Yachad’s youth wanting to say Kaddish for Hamas terrorists. When Yachad realised the political cost of supporting them publicly, Yachad left them to stand alone. Feeling abandoned and without a voice – they created a new group – Na’amod. It straddles Zionist / non-Zionist politics. A holding of the hands if you like between the fringe group Yachad and the fringe group Jewdas.
These groups politically wish to tie Israel’s hands. Israel cannot move unless it is in the framework of a negotiated two state solution. Anyone who disagrees with them is labelled a far-right extremist by a handful of delusional online supporters. Another far-left strategy.

Yes, it's an even bigger problem than we thought. What is the solution?

Well, we could work to make sure Jewish schools and other educational institutions work to improve Jewish education. Sure, it won't be easy. Leftist Jews have been working hard for generations to water down that education and to make it more "inclusive" by including voices working against Jews and Israel.

We can start by contacting your local big time Jewish organizations. They won't listen unless there is an overwhelming amount of pushback against the Leftist tide. So the time to start is now.