It Can't Happen Here, Can It?

Normally we at MJAC don't engage in Holocaust comparisons. We are all too old and too well read to fall for the insistence that any of our leaders are "LITERALLY HITLER!" The detention centers at our southern borders are not "concentration camps." Nobody is preparing the boxcars.

We should keep our eyes open though, and we should be paying attention to changes in American and in Western societies. Jewish students have become targets on many American, Canadian, and European campuses. Jews are once again being attacked in the streets of European cities. Most of the targeting and attacking is not being done by dreaded white supremacists. I'm sure we will be accused of having some kind of phobia, but much of the new war against the Jews is being carried out by Muslim immigrants and refugees. We can see it in the photos and videos. We don't like it any more than you do, but there is no denying it.

With a continuing influx, and the fear of pointing out any uncomfortable truths lest one be labeled a racist or a phobic of some sort, we can probably expect things to get worse.

With that in mind, read this. Here is an excerpt.

They thought he must have lost his mind. Why would the Germans just kill Jews like that? Germany was a modern, industrialized, enlightened country. They wouldn't simply murder people so heartlessly and for no reason. Moishe must have lost his mind.
Moishe was insistent. He begged people to listen to him. He cried. He pleaded. But not one person believed him. They didn't want to believe him, and that's a formidable barrier to communication.
Our message — that what is written in Islamic texts is dangerous to non-Muslims — is also something many people do not want to believe. The implications are too heavy. The people of Elie's village didn't want to contemplate what it would mean if Moishe's story was true. It would mean tragedy and heartache and a loss of faith in humanity. It would mean a drastically different future for everyone. If they believed Moishe, the wise course of action would be to immediately pack up or sell everything they own and move somewhere they'd never been before. They'd have to start over. The journey would be fraught with uncertainty and danger. Most of them had lived their whole lives in that little village.
But they had another option, didn't they? They could explain away Moishe's terrifying story. They could decide there must be some other explanation.

Like I said, most of us at MJAC fall into the "alte kocker" category, so we're not so worried for us. We are worried for our (and your) children and grandchildren.