Ignoring Inconvenient Hate

Today's Detroit Free Press ran an op-ed by Rabbi Asher Lopatin, executive director of our local AJC/JCRC. When we last saw Rabbi Lopatin, he was excusing his participation in a local "Take on Hate" rally that featured Rashida Tlaib and a few other participants who, when it comes to Jews, take hate, rather than take on hate.

While talking a good game to their chosen audience, there is some hate that the rabbi and our local AJC/JCRC is willing to excuse or ignore. And he proves it with his op-ed on last year's Tree of Life Synagogue massacre.

Unfortunately, this horrendous massacre was just one of several hate-filled attacks that are seemingly all too common now. According to the Anti-Defamation League, in 2018, domestic extremists, many linked to far right-wing viewpoints, killed at least 50 people, 13 more than the year before. Furthermore, per the FBI’s hate crimes statistics for 2017, which came out last November, there has been a 17% increase in such crimes across the country as compared to the prior year. Of the religious-bias hate crimes, they stated that 58.1% targeted Jews. These increases are also being seen globally as 2018 saw the highest number of fatalities in antisemitic attacks in 25 years.

Yeah, "right-wing." It's always the right wing. No matter how many Jews in this country are attacked by non-right-wingers, it's always the right wing.

Are Lopatin and our other local leaders unaware of the SJP activity on Michigan's university campuses that target Jews? Are they aware of Islamic Jew-hatred and Imam Husham al-Hussainy of Dearborn's Karbala Islamic Center, who, as reported by the Clarion Project:

A Michigan imam preached that the leaders of Saudi Arabia are “agents of the Jews” and should be put to death, as seen in a video posted to Facebook and found by Clarion Project.
The video shows Dearborn Imam Husham al-Hussainy condemning the Saudi royal family as “impure,” calling for them to be executed for the Saudi campaign in Yemen against the Houthi rebels backed by the Iranian regime, and is filled with conspiratorial anti-Semitism.
Speaking in Arabic, al-Hussainy said that the Saudi leaders are “agents of the Jews” and that the so-called Zionist conspiracy should be blamed for any Saudi transgression.
Al-Hussainy even went so far as to claim that the Saudi airplanes bombing Yemen “are Israeli airplanes with Israeli policy and Israeli targets.”
He then urged Muslims to “stand together” with Christians against the “oppressive Saudi-Zionist airplanes.”

We know that al-Hussainy is not the only one. And we also know that Rabbi Lopatin is not the only high profile Jew who is willing to overlook Rashida Tlaib, Linda Sarsour, and other Judeophobes who don't inhabit the right wing. Did somebody say Andy Levin?

Has Lopatin and you-know-who not seen the reports of the constant attacks against orthodox Jews in Brooklyn by people who are not "right wing?" Or do they just not care because it doesn't fit their personal political narrative?

No matter the reason, look for the attacks to continue, and look for Jewish complaints to be ignored due to the AJC/JCRC only calling out one brand of anti-Semitism while sharing stages with Jew haters who aren't right wing.