Human Rights Watch Slanders Israel Again - Updated

Recently, Human Rights Watch (HRW) came out with a huge report, over 200 pages, with hundreds of footnotes, accusing Israel of being an Apartheid state. Israel/Jew haters have been promoting that libel for years, but HRW, which used to actually be concerned with human rights has added gravitas to that libel.

A number of organizations and individuals have shredded the report, pointing out its inconsistencies and lies. Even United States congressional representatives have come out against it.

Mostly absent from this battle are some of the big time Jewish groups.

AIPAC representatives took the time to call the HRW report "unnecessary and redundant." That's not much. They could have had someone read it in order to offer a stronger response.

Yes, the report is a tough read. I'm still slowly and intermittently working my way through it. But these people are getting paid to defend Jews and Israel. It's allegedly what they do, the reason they were formed.

American Jewish Committee spoke up.

ADL has said nothing, maybe because back in October, 2020, ADL spoke out against the U.S. government declaring HRW an antisemitic organization.

Criticizing the move, the Anti-Defamation League said it would politicize efforts to combat anti-Semitism.

“We strongly believe that these organizations are crucial to ensuring robust civil society and democratic protections worldwide,” the ADL said, while acknowledging there was “significant disagreement” between it and the three groups on Israel policy.

The ADL said calling the groups anti-Semitic “is neither accurate nor helpful to the fight against anti-Semitism.”

Democratic Congressman from Michigan Andy Levin, who used to work for Human Rights Watch, also criticized the move.

“Criticizing Israel’s policies is not anti-Semitism. I know because I do so out of love for a country I want to thrive,” he said on Twitter.

Oh . . . Andy Levin; yep, he knows. He won't admit the difference between demonization and criticism, and insists the Rashida Tlaib is not an antisemite, but he knows. He seems to have quite a twisted view of "love for a country I want to thrive."

In a further demonstration of Andy Levin's love:

Addressing the IfNotNow progressive Jewish organization on Tuesday, Levin noted that he has long advocated for the United States to fight Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands.

Andy's love is "IfNotNow" love. It's Rashida Tlaib's love. It's HRW type love. It's a very confused love. It's the love from centuries of persecutors who thought that Jews could do no right, only wrong. It's the love that accuses Jews of being the aggressors while Jews are being savagely victimized. That's Andy Levin's love.

Speaking of confusion, this is how Levin explains Jewish identity.

The second-term congressman said he wants to “blow up the whole idea” of Jewish identity. “In Detroit, we’re really pushing to sort of question stereotypes about what it means to be Jewish, centering Jews of color and listening to Jews of all different experiences,” he said. “People need to ... do progressive organizing proudly of who you are as a Jew and claim your own Judaism, and speak your own heart about your life and your commitment to human rights.”

Thanks Andy. We're sure a lot of thought, introspection, and study of 3000 years of Jewish texts went into that statement.

I apologize for getting sidetracked by Andy Levin, but good grief!

Like I wrote above, others have read and critiqued the HRW report. Samantha Mandeles at Legal Insurrection has provided a handy list with excerpts and links for some of these critiques. She has created an excellent resource. It has the MJAC seal of approval.

Go read it.

UPDATE: Read this analysis of the footnotes too.