Donald Trump's Waning Days and Israel

Not everyone agrees that President Trump has Israel's best interests at heart. Even some Israel supporters are leery. Hen Mazzig tweeted:

Elder of Ziyon disagreed:

Elder calls this the "Trump Lame Duck Test." He reports:

In Round 1, I said that reports that the Trump administration planned on pushing new rounds of sanctions up until he leaves office indicates that I am right. Mazzig responded that Trump didn't personally do this, saying all he was doing was playing golf. (He then retweeted the fake news that Trump unfollowed Netanyahu on Twitter.)
In Round 2, I noted a story that an American official stated that Trump would do all he can for Israel until the last minute. Mazzig dismissed that:

I'm fine with saying that the test is about actions, but if one wants to redefine everything good for Israel as really being good for himself - even after the election - then this test is meaningless, since it means that no matter what Trump or his administration do, some reason can be found to make it about Trump, real or imagined.
Since then we have round 3, 4 and 5, all of them courtesy of Mike Pompeo.
Round 3 was saying that the US would start to determine whether any organizations that are funded by the US are adhering to BDS with the intent of stopping aid to those organizations. Chances are very small that this will go past January 20. At the same time, Pompeo tweeted that anti-Zionism is antisemitism.
Round 4 was Pompeo changing the labeling guidelines for goods imported from the territories to say "Made in Israel." This reflects reality of Israel's rule over those areas, whether one agrees with it or not; the labeling laws were embraced by Israel-haters.

There are others who doubt Trump's sincerity. They might be the same people who insisted that President Obama was Israel's best friend.

Elder of Ziyon is not the only one who is pointing out that Trump is serious in his support of Jews and Israel (unlike Obama, whose latest memoir faults Bibi Netanyahu and AIPAC for not being differential enough to his wishes.) Based on Trump's past and current policy actions, it's doubtful that he will follow Obama's example and stab Israel in the back on his way out.

Rabbi Yaakov Menken of the Coalition for Jewish Values seems to agree with Elder of Ziyon's take on Trump. In Newsweek, he writes:

For the past four years, both leftists and Never-Trumpers have warned that President Trump's support for Israel and the Jewish community was not sincere—that he cares only about himself, and that he would surely turn against us when it served him. Now, after an election likely to bring about the end of his term, Trump has let us know otherwise, with the announcement from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that the United States will henceforth identify the anti-Israel movement, often known as BDS, as anti-Semitic.

Rabbi Menken also contrasts Obama's backstabbing with Trump's support:

We saw this in late 2016, when President Obama waited until after the elections to support the United Nations' anti-Semitic Security Council Resolution 2334. It claimed that land holy to the Jewish people for thousands of years was "Palestinian territory," and even asserted that the Old City of Jerusalem, where in 1948 Jews were ethnically cleansed and denied the ability to pray at their holiest site, was "occupied" by Israel in violation of international law. It displayed the bigotry now typical of that once-august body.

What was atypical, however, was the United States' abstention, which enabled Security Council passage of this despicable nonsense—what the late Charles Krauthammer called "Obama's most shameful back-stabbing moment." Later it became clear that, although Obama had promised AIPAC to "have Israel's back" and feigned surprise when Egypt offered the resolution, there was compelling evidence that his administration was fully behind it from the outset and had timed its introduction so as to not jeopardize congressional Democrats and Hillary Clinton during the election.

In short, whatever kind of lies his enemies accuse him of, in a larger sense, Trump is honest in ways Obama, his supporters, and Trump haters will never understand.