Don't trivialize the Holocaust in protests against Michigan's stay-home measures Rabbi Asher Lopatin

It is sad that a serious discussion of how to keep Michiganders safe during this pandemic was perhaps irreparably harmed by a relatively small group of protesters returning to Lansing and once again using Nazi and other hateful imagery to criticize Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, social distancing and sheltering-in-place.

Rabbi Lopatin is right of course.

He would have also been right to come out against the trivialization of Hitler and Nazis by all of the "Trump Derangement Syndrome" sufferers who have been insisting since January 2017 that Trump is "literally!!!!" Hitler.

Lopatin, along with our local JCRC/AJC, would have been right in raising their voices against AOC upon her referring to migrant detention centers along our southern border as "concentration camps" while adding a manipulative dose of "Never again."

The point is that all Holocaust trivialization must be called out, no matter who is engaging in it. When representatives of the Jewish community ignore AOC and Trump haters, people might not take them seriously when they jump on the anti-Whitmer protesters for doing what they've been ignoring from political allies. By ignoring the earlier (and constant in the case of Trump haters) Holocaust trivialization, Lopatin and the JCRC/AJC have made it easier and more socially acceptable for protesters to equate Whitmer with Hitler, or to equate anyone that anybody hates with Hitler.

By only coming out only against certain groups, Lopatin and the JCRC/AJC are playing politics with anti-Semitism. They should know better.