Detroit Free Press Endorses Rashida Tlaib for Re-election

It's true. The Detroit Free Press is all in for Rashida Tlaib in the upcoming Democratic primary. They make their points for her re-election in this editorial.

As most editorials do, they go over Tlaib's positives and negatives - sort of.

There's no doubt some 13th District residents are put off by Tlaib's flamboyant style, and we hope she remembers that she represents Detroiters of Jones' generation, too.
But we're also confident in Tlaib's ability to represent the 13th District well, despite the national maelstrom she's sometimes at the center of, and to use her powerful voice on her diverse constituents' behalf.

Those would be the "national maelstroms" she's helped create.

But the Free Press is ignoring Tlaib's biggest maelstrom - her animus toward Israel and the 95% of Jews who support Israel. While reading the editorial, I fully expected to read about "controversial opinions" on Israel followed by a few quotes by some of Tlaib's Jewish supporters like Andy Levin and IfNotNow. But nope, they didn't even bother to bring up her anti-Jewish blood libels and rewriting of history in order to pretend that it's really no big deal because she's got her "show Jews."

Maybe antisemitism is no big deal to the Free Press. We know it's the default position at other, much larger, national newspapers. We also know that there are Jews willing to excuse their favorite public figures' anti-Semitism because "while we don't agree on everything . . . "

Maybe we at MJAC are too parochial, but it seems to us that antisemitism should not be a position that Jews excuse - ever. We should be fighting against it no matter who it comes from.