Cry the Beloved Country, by Dov Fischer

Dov Fischer might not be 100% on his facts; he gets most of them right, but his sentiment is absolutely correct.

Our Founding Fathers had it ever-so-right. Justice and fairness do not require equal results, only equal opportunities. Indeed, communism/socialism proposes the injustice of equal results. So if some are born blind, since their vision cannot be restored, shall all others be blinded? If some are born with physical aesthetic deformities, shall others be compelled to line up for deforming? In a world of guaranteed equal results, the incentive to achieve greater is eradicated. That is why the most gifted and productive, the most inventive and resourceful people of other societies that “guaranteed” equal results, but never could produce them anyway, ended up fleeing to America to build this country, where they would have equal opportunity to realize their boundless dreams.
Einstein did not begin here, but he ended up here. Levi Strauss came here from Bavaria and created jeans. Joseph Pulitzer came here from Hungary. Rupert Murdoch hopped over from Australia. Liz Claiborne from Belgium. Oscar de la Renta from the Dominican Republic. Arianna Huffington from Greece. Arnold Schwarzenegger from Austria. The co-founders of YouTube came here respectively from China and East Germany. Alex Trebek from Canada. Alissa Zinovievna Rosenbaum (Ayn Rand) from St. Petersburg. Joni Mitchell from Canada. Yul Brynner from Vladivostok. Audrey Hepburn from Belgium. Irving Berlin from Russia. Cary Grant from England. Haim Saban (“Power Rangers”) from Israel. Wladyslaw “Wlady” Pleszczynski’s parents from Poland. Reuben Mattus came here from Poland, his wife Rose from Manchester and Belfast, and together they created Häagen-Dazs ice cream in the Bronx, naming it with an apocryphal Danish name — there is not even an umlaut in Danish — and putting a map of Denmark on the containers. As Lorenzo Pietro Berra, the son of Italian immigrants, would say: only in America.
Whether conservatives or left-oriented, in entertainment or in science, they came here because this country gave them the chance they never could have had back where they came from in societies that promoted equal results. No socialist country ever produces equal results. If it worked here, with equal results for all, then everyone would be a millionaire with three houses, just like Bernie Sanders, who fled the diversity of Brooklyn, New York, for lily-White Vermont. That is why millions have risked their lives to get here, whether sneaking in steerage aboard rickety boats crossing the Atlantic to the Statue of Liberty or paying coyotes to smuggle them in down south, even desperately lunging across the border in their ninth month of pregnancy, like a football quarterback trying to lunge into the end zone from the one-yard line, so that their unaborted fetus can come out on American soil.

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