Caroline Glick on the Trump Peace Plan

Israel, being the Jewish nation, is subject, as Jews have always been, to outsiders trying to tell Israelis what is good for Israel. Lots of other countries, especially the ones that hate Israel, have spent the last 70 years dictating to Israel.

The most outrageous aspect of this is the "peace process." A number of American presidents have engaged in this charade, and even though the results have always been increased Palestinian violence, the charade continued. Israel was always expected to pander to the Palestinians while nothing was ever expected from the Palestinians. The answer to the constant failure of this tactic to bring about peace was always to lean on the Israelis to pander even more.

But now there is a new sherif in town and according to Caroline Glick, he has changed the paradigm. She's written two recent columns on the "Deal of the Century", and they're both worth reading.

But then, three years ago, Trump entered the White House. Tuesday, Trump said that Israel is a light to the nations, that the land of Israel is the promised land, and the historic homeland of the Jewish people. He said that Jerusalem cannot be liberated because it's already been liberated. He said that no one will be removed from their home for peace. Among other things, he conditioned Palestinians statehood on full Palestinian recognition of the Jewish people's rights to their historic homeland in the land of Israel.
Ahead of Trump's announcement, Barack Obama's ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro delivered a not-particularly-veiled threat to Israelis who might be tempted to accept Trump's framework for peace. Shapiro stunned the diplomatic world when he refused to leave Israel at the end of his term and instead took a position at a left-leaning Israeli think tank. He has used his position to criticize President Trump's Middle East policies.
In an interview with Army Radio Sunday, Shapiro said, "I think Israeli citizens should take into account that in less than a year there could be a new, Democratic administration – if not in a year then in five years. Trump won't be president forever. It is important to know that any Democratic candidate will oppose this plan and that no Democratic president will be bound by it."

So one thing the Trump plan exposed was the continued Democratic hostility toward Israel - as if we didn't have Betty McCollum, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar to show us that already.

But now:

When Israel embarked on the Oslo peace process it accepted Oslo's foundational assumption that Israel is to blame for the Palestinian war against it. From the first Oslo agreement, signed on the White House lawn on September 13, 1993, through all its derivative deals, Israel was required to carry out "confidence-building measures," to prove its good faith and peaceful intentions to Arafat and his deputies.
Time after time, Israel was required to release terrorists from prison as a precondition for negotiations with the PLO. The goal of those negotiations in turn was to force Israel to release more terrorists from prison, and give more land, more money, more international legitimacy and still more terrorists to the PLO.
On Tuesday, this state of affairs ended.

So yeah, , if you haven't already do so, go read.