Calling Them Out

We at MJAC have frequently called out our fellow Jews and Jewish organizations who just don't get it and maybe aren't doing all that they can do with the positions they hold to fight the rising anti-Semitism and offer true support to the Jewish community. We've reported on Andy Levin, the ADL, Bernie Sanders, and others. We aren't the only ones noticing that some Jews are actively siding with our enemies. Or maybe they aren't in cahoots, but they certainly seem to be working for the other side.

When Mike Pompeo correctly pointed out, after much study on the subject, that Jews living in Judea and Samaria live there legally, some Jewish organizations attacked him.


We have links to some responses to these and other idiots.

From the ZOA website:

ZOA’s Condemns Union of Reform Judaism’s Statement: ZOA strongly condemns the Union of Reform Judaism (URJ)’s leadership for urging the Trump administration to reverse – reverse! – the Trump administration’s moral pro-Israel position.   The reversal urged by URJ would take us back to those painful, frightening years when the Obama and Carter administrations relentlessly attacked the 700,000 Jews who live, work and pray in our holy, ancestral home.


ZOA Criticizes AIPAC’s Statement: ZOA is deeply dismayed by and criticizes AIPAC’s statement that it “takes no position on settlements.” ZOA urges AIPAC to acknowledge that settlements are legal under international law and support Trumps decision. 

From Barry Shaw:

A year ago, in an interview with The Times of Israel, Rabbi Jacobs said he intended for Reform Jewry to “double down” on Israel. How did he intend to do that exactly?
Rabbi Jacobs still promotes a two-state solution without being aware that this two-state solution is dead. It died years ago. It was killed by the Palestinians. The Reform Movement protests the idea that Israel can annex strategically important territory that has always been Israeli and Jewish, like the Jordan Valley or parts of Judea & Samaria.
Years ago, Israelis were ready to give peace with the Palestinians a chance. Not anymore. Then, Israelis were like Rabbi Jacobs, naïve peace-makers, tired of war. Today, Israelis are realists. We experienced the evident truth of what the Palestinians are all about. And it is not peace. It is death. Dead Jews. Death to Israel.
Yet, people like Rabbi Jacobs are still trying to drag this dead two-state camel through burning Palestinian sand toward a distant oasis, an oasis called “peace.” What they fail to realize, through their fevered brow, addled by the heat of a region in constant conflict, that it is not an oasis but a fata morgana, a mirage of their own imagination. An image once shared by Israelis, but never by an obsessively anti-Semitic and rejectionist Palestinian leadership.

Valerie Sobel has a message for Leftist Jews:

You stand with the party that has exhumed every hatred & division across racial & identity lines known to man. All to secure your loyalty and obedience as the perpetual underdog.
Today, in March 2019, you stand with the party that’s incapable of taking the smallest symbolic stand against anti-Semitism, let alone eradicate it from its ranks.
You stand with the party that stands against you.
You stand with the party that continues to elect Islamic and anti-Semitic politicians who propagate anti-Semitism proudly, even though your voter ballots are too few to matter to them in any election.
Yet, you stand against the party who takes up your cause and shows unequivocal support for Israel, and whose President wakes up to daily abuse for his pro-Israel, pro-Jewish stance, all despite your hate of him and your utterly insignificant voter power.
You’ve been duped. But believing a lie is easier than admitting you’ve been lied to. There’s no longer any ambiguity or defensibility of the Democratic Party and we all know it. They have sold you out, because your numbers are insignificant in the voting booth. And because another minority they can’t upset provides them with a much bigger voting block. You have a choice to continue on this path of self-desecration, dragging the rest of us to 1930s Germany with you, or you can walk away now, before the next election.
Your other option, to comfortably retreat right back into the lazy boy of your trembling Jewish knees and once again vote Democrat in 2020, still remains. Telling yourself the same old lie “Everyone is anti-Semitic. Why change?”
Just remember this; When you’re no longer at the dinner table, you’re on the menu. And you’re certainly no longer at the dinner table with the Democratic Party, Islam is.

There you have it, three messengers giving the same message in three different ways, all based on facts and logic.

Wait, maybe that's the problem. Facts and logic are over some people's heads.