Black Supporters of Israel Blast BLM Hypocrisy on Jewish State | United with Israel

In a previous post, we learned that one of the reasons given by the Boston JCRC for trying to oust ZOA was the fact that ZOA dared to call out the BLM organization for its hypocrisy and antisemitism.

In case you're interested, you can examine ZOA's BLM Organization Files. They're quite damning. After reading them and watching the videos, ask yourself why other Jewish organizations are trying to purge ZOA rather than joining ZOA in supporting American Jews and Israel. Are these other organizations working in Jews' best interest, or are they only interested in power, prestige, and salaries?

Picking up some of the slack from these non-caring Jewish groups is the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel (IBSI) and it's leader, Joshua Washington. Washington and IBSI are also calling out the BLM organization for its hypocrisy and antisemitism.

“If Black Lives Matter is supposed to be about police killings of unarmed black people, why is part of its focus on Israel thousands of miles away – as opposed to, for example, the African slave trade in Libya, Saudi Arabia, Mauritania or Qatar?” asked Washington. “BLM leaders are using the Black community as a cudgel against Israel, garnering much personal wealth in the process.”


Instead of using the funds to help solve the problems of police disproportionately targeting black people, BLM has been diverting funds for alternate agendas like its anti-Israel activism.


Without directly mentioning left wing anti-Israel agitators, Washington noted that the anti-Israel stance of BLM can also be explained by the fact that “many of those who continue to defend BLM are not members of the black community.”

“For far too long, Israel-haters have been exploiting black communities. They have feigned solidarity with us and pretended to be our ‘allies’ while effectively stealing from us,” said Washington.

We've seen Israel-haters exploit every opportunity to spread their hate - while Jewish organizations remain more focused on political ideological purity.

It is a wonderful thing to have nonJewish allies in the fight against antisemitism. It would be even better if our big time Jewish organizations that regularly hit us up for donations would also join us in that fight.