Maybe society at large doesn't care about what happens to Jews because Jews don't care what happens to Jews.

On September 22, a few hundred Jewish demonstrators congregated outside of New York City Hall to demand that city officials take effective action to stem the rising wave of anti-Semitic attacks. According to Caroline Glick, Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America, was the only leader of a major Jewish organization among the participants. Aside from two New York City councilmen, no Jewish politicians attended the event. Chuck Schumer didn’t. Neither did any of the Jewish representatives from New York.

While most of the big time Jewish "leaders" and organizations are railing against Donald Trump, and expressing worries over bigotry against everybody but Jews, and appearing at anti-hate rallies with Jew haters, ZOA is the only Jewish group that can be bothered to stand up for Jews.

ZOA must be a bunch of Trump-supporting right-wing radicals. Or at least, that's how progressive Jews look at organizations that are active in actually working for the Jewish community and working against Jew-hatred.

When politics become more important than Judaism, it causes progressive Jews to ignore attacks against Jews that don't fit the proper narrative.

How to explain the apparent indifference of mainstream Jewish groups and politicians to the spike in hate crimes committed against Jews? Glick believes the explanation lies in the kind of Jews who are being attacked and the kind of people doing the attacking:
The Jewish victims in New York are not Reform Jews. They are ultra-Orthodox Jews. And they don’t live in Manhattan. They live in Brooklyn.
Ultra-Orthodox Jews are not progressives and not part of the Democratic coalition.
As for their assailants:
Most of the perpetrators are African Americans, and as such, like the Reform Jews, they are members in good standing of the progressive camp in American politics.
Mayor Bill de Blasio claims that the attacks are the work of neo-Nazis. But they are occurring in Crown Heights. How many neo-Nazis are there in Crown Heights? Approximately none.

Jewish students are also being attacked on American university campuses, but since none of the attackers will be obliging enough to wear MAGA hats - oh well.

To make things worse:

There’s irony here. More ironic, and more sickening, is the fact that reform Jews in New York and Washington, D.C. now treat Al Sharpton as a hero. Sharpton once incited a pogrom in Crown Heights, the same area where Jews are now being attacked as they walk down the street.

How long will Jewish leaders keep lying to themselves and to us? And if Jewish leaders are this willing to play politics with our safety, why should non-Jews care what happens to us?