Attacks on Jews in NYC and Media Double Standards, by Danusha V. Goska

We know that anti-Semitism is on the rise. We also know that not all of it is coming from the usual suspects. As much as our mainstream media and Democratic politicians would like us to believe that it's just a white supremacist - neo-Nazi phenomenon, recent anti-Semitic attacks have come mostly from black attackers. In fact, the attacks are coming so frequently and are so blatant, that they have become impossible to ignore; downplay yes, but ignore; no way.

Some media outlets, the ones that "respectable" mainstream outlets have tried to demonize, have been honest and have been reporting this truth for years. One recent report on the mainstream media's double standard comes from FrontPageMag.

Statistics and anecdotes were cited to indicate that black anti-Semites were not representational of the black population. This in spite of other statistics that showed that African Americans are more anti-Semitic than the general population, and unlike the general population, become more anti-Semitic as they become more educated
Reports of anti-Semitism among African Americans were, it was posited, part of a hidden, nefarious, anti-black agenda. Charles Rangel suggested that the ADL might have been milking Muhammad's speech for money and publicity. The Amsterdam News accused the ADL of "willful and cynical exploitation of a people for the purpose of raising money from Jews by frightening them." Michael Lerner also suggested that Jews were using accusations of anti-Semitism among African Americans, in this case as "an excuse to deny our own racism toward blacks" and as "justification for some Americans to declare themselves 'disillusioned with the oppressed'" and to cut social programs for the poor. The Times repeated this; charges of African American anti-Semitism were allegedly "an excuse for doing little to reduce inequalities."
Writer Thulani Davis, in Time, wrote that accusations of anti-Semitism among African Americans were "attempts to set the terms of the discussion of racial conflict solely on African American xenophobia. Like all litmus tests, this one is reductive and promotes self-defense rather than thought and disclosure."
Davis also pointed out that in the litmus test atmosphere, "African Americans do not even feel comfortable to debate in public ... in such a delicate public discussion it is dangerous to risk having words taken out of context, ideas abbreviated into unrecognizable and harmful sound bites ... If the issue is used simply to identify enemies, few will step forward." Davis further stated that media reports of anti-Semitism among African-Americans were part of a wider effort to create negative images of black people that fed off of whites' fears of "black hate." "Black hate, though, is only a new wrinkle in the increasingly negative portrayal of blacks as a whole," she wrote. This fear of black hate is taught to "each group of new immigrants settling in the big cities of America."
A letter to the Times denounced as "racist" and "paternalistic" A.M. Rosenthal's request that blacks denounce Muhammad. Rosenthal, implied the writer, was not just to blame for his whiteness, he was also a parvenu who told African-Americans, "in their own country" "what to do and say ... even by those that just arrive on these shores."
Accounts veered into victim blaming. Blaming Jews for the anti-Semitism of blacks goes back at least to Michael Lerner's 1969 manifesto in Judaism, where he wrote: "black anti-Semitism ... is ... a tremendous disgrace to Jews, for this is ... rooted in the concrete fact of oppression by Jews of blacks in the ghetto. In short, this anti-Semitism is in part an earned anti-Semitism." Lerner was ready with similar accusations to explain anti-Semitism among African Americans in 1994: "Jewish neoconservatives at Commentary and neoliberals at the New Republic have led the assault on affirmative action" and Jews have "delighted in the prospect of throwing black women and children off welfare as soon as possible." Others also blamed Jewish opposition to affirmative action for alienating blacks.

Adding to the problem are the Jews who, for whatever reason, side with our oppressors. It's been part of our history for millennia, and will most likely always be with us. They are the voices the media, like NBC News, and Jew-haters love to quote in order to pretend that they are presenting the Jewish point of view from Jewish spokespeople. They are also the voices that after one reads them, one has to ponder the question whether they are insane or merely stupid.

Keep speaking up. Keep holding your elected representatives accountable. And whatever you do, don't partner with Al Sharpton, and don't believe that the Muslim American Society is really standing in solidarity with the Jewish community. That would would be the epitome of stupidity.