Are Jewish Organizations Speaking Up?

The latest Hamas attack on Israel is over, but increased attacks on Jews worldwide are just beginning. The interesting thing is that we're told by the Israel/Jew-haters that Judaism has nothing to do with Israel. Yet, for some reason they keep beating up Jews for Israel's sin of defending itself.

Meanwhile, congressional Democrats no longer want Israel to be able to defend itself.

Gottheimer initially broke ranks with the Democrats to vote with Republicans in support of an amendment that would have paved the way for Israel to receive more than $300 million in emergency dollars for its missile defense programs. The measure, which was offered as an amendment to a bill to increase security in and around the Capitol complex, ultimately failed last Thursday along a mostly party-line vote of 218-209.

Gottheimer switched his vote from "Yea" to "Nay" after Hoyer strong-armed him on the House floor, according to multiple witnesses. The confrontation illustrates the immense pressure Democrats are under to oppose issues championed by Republicans—even the historically bipartisan United States-Israel security alliance. The alliance has become increasingly politicized in recent weeks as the Democratic Party's anti-Israel flank pushes for aid to be suspended.

After Gottheimer registered his vote in favor of the Iron Dome funding amendment, Hoyer pulled him aside for an intense conversation, according to one member of Congress who witnessed the exchange but asked to remain anonymous. Two other sources confirmed the lawmaker's account.

Sadly, we know that Andy Levin needed no strong-arming to vote "no" in line with the antisemitic Squad who are now controlling the direction of the Democratic Party.

We have yet to hear anything from our local Jewish organizations condemning this hard turn toward hatred by the Democratic Party. We know from history that attacks on Israel lead to attacks on Jews everywhere, so they really do need to be speaking up. Maybe we at MJAC haven't been paying close enough attention to press releases or maybe they're silent because facts cannot be twisted in order to associate these attacks with Trump. Either way, conditions are deteriorating for Jews, and if they'd better speak up forcefully.

The ADL's Jonathan Greenblatt has spoken up. He should maybe go back to shutting up.

Even worse, if you listen at around the 4:00 mark, Greenblatt, answering a question about holding elected leaders responsible for their rhetoric, not only avoids mentioning the Squad, but changes the subject to the anti-Asian attacks. This is either pure cowardice, or the ADL is no longer concerned with antisemitism. Calling it out on one side while ignoring it on the other side is merely playing politics. We Jews can't afford to have the head of ADL playing politics with our lives and our future as American Jews.

Here is more on the subject from Seth Mandel.

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