Antisemitism Never Sleeps

You may or may not have noticed (I don't know how observant you are) that there have been a number of changes in all of our lives recently. And they've all been due to the arrival of a new strain of coronavirus from Wuhan, China. I don't have to go over the changes, and even if I did, from the time I write this to the time you read it, things will probably have changed again.

One thing doesn't change though. No matter what else is going on inside or outside of some people's lives, if they are a Jew-hater, that hatred doesn't change. (Hint: Even if they say "Israel," and direct their hatred to the world's only Jewish nation, they still mean "Jew.") The dedicated Jew-hater will always find reasons to hate Jews.

Let's look at a couple of examples

From Jackson Richman on George Washington University students possibly being exposed to the virus at this year's AIPAC Conference:

Blake Flayton, a sophomore, tweeted on Sunday that he was “attacked for being a Jew at GW this weekend.”
Flayton went on to say that he was wearing his kipah outside and followed by “a group of boys.”
“When they passed me, one of them obviously turned around and saw my kipah. He then started yelling ‘Oh! Yahood! Yahoodi! We’ve got a yahood over here’ and everyone started laughing. One of them started yelling ‘you produced it! You produced it! You started it!’ he tweeted.
In response to a tweet about the students getting quarantined, Bryce Maples, a sophomore, replied, “So your [sic] telling me I’m going to get Corona virus because some Zionists mom tried to speak to the manager of pandemics.”
“A Wednesday midterm got moved to a take home exam due online Friday because of the yt supremacists that almost brought corona to GW,” tweeted a GW student who goes by “Romy Holiday.” (JNS was unable to verify the name behind the account, but was told by Flayton that the person behind the account attends GW.)

Nothing new here. Jews were blamed for the spread of Plague in the 14th century.

Then there was this on Twitter:

Sarah Leah Whitson did delete the tweet once enough commentators pointed out how vile it was. Not that Mairav Zonszein's original tweet was much better, but at least she kept the medieval "blood" libel to herself.

I'm sure there are lots more haters out there, showing their superb wit in the only way they know how.