Another Dubious Antisemitism Panel

Back in December of last year, Jewish Voice for Peace sponsored a panel on antisemitism. Many of us didn't take their panel seriously because the only people on it (including Peter Beinart who uses his Jewish identity as an anti-Israel weapon) were people whose affection for Jews was questionable at best. Beinart, along with the other panelists, Rashida Tlaib, Marc Lamont Hill, and Barbara Ransby, are reliably anti-Israel, and have trafficked in anti-Semitic slurs.

Here we are in a new year with a new panel on antisemitism coming up on February 1.

I hadn't heard of Sophie Ellman Golan until I read Hen Mazzig's tweet. From her bio at Women's Media Center:

Sophie Ellman-Golan is the Director of a two-year offensive campaign against antisemitism and white nationalism in the Republican Party. She is the former Director of Communications and Digital Outreach at Women’s March and the co-creator of the Confront White Womanhood workshop.

So in addition to what Hen pointed out, she is content to give a pass to antisemitism from the Democratic Party and any other antisemitism that doesn't come from Republicans or I assume, from white people, as she taught people to "confront white womanhood."

Ginna Green -

serves as Bend the Arc’s Chief Strategy Officer and oversees its racial equity, advocacy, electoral, and communications work.

Amy Spitalnick is also with Bend the Arc and was J Street's first press secretary.

Jonathan Jacoby could almost be believed as a fighter against antisemitism, as long as you don't read his whitewashing of anti-Zionism:

Writing in the National Post, Stephens repeats another misconception about anti-Semitism. “Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism,” he says.
I am a proud Zionist. But I know people who oppose Zionism, and they are far from being anti-Semites. Their opposition does not necessarily reflect a specific anti-Jewish stance, they are not advocating the end of Israel, and their positions do not necessarily lead to anti-Semitic behavior. For example, some people oppose Zionism because, on principle, they are against ethnonationalism, including Zionism and Palestinian nationalism.
I know others, mostly Palestinians, whose personal or national experience was adversely affected by Zionism and the creation of the State of Israel. The Palestinian Knesset Member Jamal Zahalka, for example, once introduced a bill to turn Israel from a Jewish state into a “state for all its citizens.” Does that make him an anti-Semite? I don’t think so. Neither was Saeb Erakat, the Palestinian peace negotiator who passed away from COVID-19 on November 10. He once asked me: “Why should I be a Zionist? Israel took my family’s land. But does that mean I oppose the existence of the state of Israel? Of course not!”

Saeb Erekat was a "peace negotiator?" He was a huge proponent of the "Jenin Massacre" blood libel. How that kind of outrageous lie advanced peace is not clear to us. There are other "almost facts" in Jacoby's piece, but we don't have time to fisk the whole thing right now.

And then there is our own Andy Levin, friend of Rashida Tlaib. He keeps trying to convince us that she is not antisemitic. Maybe he defines antisemitism differently than we do. Maybe because Tlaib isn't a Republican, he's been giving her a pass. Either way, judging from the participants, we at MJAC will be keeping our expectations low. We have a feeling this panel will not be taking antisemitism as seriously as they should, and that they will continue to ignore Democratic, Islamic, Left-wing, and any other antisemitism that can't be blamed on white Republicans. It will be all about politics with perhaps some dives into character assassination.

There will be more of these panels. They will continue to be all theater and no substance. The people promoting them will insist they are sincere. They're not.