Andy Levin, on Twitter, Shows For Real, Whose Side He's On

This is the same Andy Levin who brought in a Bend the Arc member to explain the situation in Israel to other new members of Congress. When will Levin start chanting, "From the river to the sea . . . ?"

He's getting a lot of support for this series of tweets. But there is one dissenting voice.

No wonder Levin claims Rashida Tlaib isn't anti-Semitic. They share the exact same views on Israel. Levin can't see the strength and resilience demonstrated by generations of Jews who have carved a modern, thriving, democratic nation out of malarial swamps and desert wasteland and that has become the envy of its dysfunctional neighbors. He sides with those neighbors who only know envy, jealously, and hatred, and he doesn't care about that situation going back 72 years, the one where Israel's dysfunctional neighbors maintain a state of war against Israel.