Andy Levin and Jews

Rep. Andy Levin gave a speech to IfNotNow. It's described in this report from Haaretz (accessible here if you can't get past Haaretz' paywall). According to Levin:

Unless Palestinian human rights are respected, we cannot fight antisemitism.”


Since antisemitism stretches back over 3000 years, and has been a driving force in Christian Europe for 2000 years, and in the Islamic world for 1400 years, we at MJAC are puzzled by Levin's assertion. The history of the Palestinian people begins in the 1960s. Since their creation, the Palestinians' only reason for being has been as a weapon against Israel. If Levin were honest about who is NOT respecting Palestinian human rights, he would be looking at Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. Blaming the Jews for other people's problems is one of those features of 3000 years of antisemitism that Levin should know better than to engage in.

Levin also said:

The second-term congressman said he wants to “blow up the whole idea” of Jewish identity. “In Detroit, we’re really pushing to sort of question stereotypes about what it means to be Jewish, centering Jews of color and listening to Jews of all different experiences,” he said. “People need to ... do progressive organizing proudly of who you are as a Jew and claim your own Judaism, and speak your own heart about your life and your commitment to human rights.”

And again, we at MJAC ask, huh?

We wonder if his commitment to human rights applies to Jews.

Levin continues:

Levin said he hoped the diversification of Congress could be a springboard to combating racism. “I came in with a class with the first two Native American women ever in Congress and the first two Muslim women ever, including the first Palestinian – my sister from Michigan Rashida Tlaib,” he said.

Here is a recent tweet from Levin's "sister from Michigan Rashida Tlaib:"

Just as antisemites have always been obsessed with Jews, Tlaib continues to be obsessed with Israel. It is the only country she accuses of human rights violations, while real human rights violators never seem to show up on her agenda. Oh wait, I was wrong. There is one more guilty country, the United States. She also wants the U.S. investigated.

Getting back to Andy Levin, if you read the article in its entirety (either here or here), you will also note that Levin only acknowledges right-wing antisemitism. In other words, he's not really interested in fighting against antisemitism. To Levin, as with IfNotNow and Bend the Arc, two ostensibly Jewish groups he is involved with, antisemitism is strictly a tool he uses to keep and wield power.

And as we see here, Israel haters approve of Levin.

If you live in Levin's district, and you're on Levin's email list, you have probably already read his Black History Month email.

We have so much more to do to dismantle the racist systems that have plagued our country since before we were a country, and indeed were part of our foundational documents. I’m looking forward to working with the record number of Black Members of Congress and Vice President Kamala Harris, the first Black woman vice president in American history, to make meaningful progress and boldly champion justice and equality.

His demonization of Israel is one thing, but we have to wonder; this Congressional representative is a supporter of America?