America’s New Antisemitism Begins with Cultural Erasure of American Jews, by Qanta A. Ahmed

There is an interesting article in the most recent Jewish Journal. It's by Qanta A. Ahmed MD. She is a Muslim, and she "is a Member of the Committee Combatting Contemporary Antisemitism at the USC Shoah Foundation and Senior Fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum." I hope ADL leadership reads it. They could learn something.

The world properly acknowledged the recent 77th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, when American and allied forces liberated surviving Jewish prisoners from one of the most savage and massive killing machines of the Holocaust that murdered and erased the lives and voices of 1.1 million Jews.

Today, American culture is erasing, in a much subtler way, the voices of many Jewish Americans.

The Academy Museum in Hollywood opened recently, but what was missing, as Rolling Stone observed, was any reference to the Jewish artists fleeing Nazi Germany who would go on to build from scratch the multibillion dollar world-dominating film industry we know today as Hollywood.

Industry giants including Jack Warner, founder of Warner Brothers, and Carl Laemmle, founder of Universal Studios, were both excluded from the museum.

Instead, exhibits focus on artists such as Ethiopian filmmaker Haile Gerima and Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki who, while certainly accomplished, were foremost celebrated for their work as members of and portraying multiple marginalized identities.

Members of the academy reportedly admitted they had lobbied to showcase “nonwhite” cinema and downplay “white contributions.” But in the drive to represent diversity and inclusion, Hollywood’s Jewish bedrock was erased.

Haim Saban, renowned media mogul and Jewish philanthropist, noted the stark erasure of Jewish contributions to Hollywood, and with a $50 million stake in the museum, made his observations known.

The museum is now reconsidering what at best is an oversight or what is more likely an inversion of Jews as a persecuted minority into a white privileged class.

This is at a time when antisemitism and hate crimes against Jews are increasingly prevalent in the U.S. Recently, a British jihadist terrorist held four Jewish worshippers hostage in a Texas Synagogue in Colleyville during Shabbat services as the livestream audience looked on.