AIPAC - a Group of Jews with Trembling Knees

AIPAC ran a Facebook add critical of of the Democratic party for pandering to the Israel haters and anti-Semites in its midst.

The add seems to have upset some people.

In response, AIPAC immediately crumbled.

Ron Kampeas has more on the controversy here.

The controversy gives fodder to left-wing groups that identify AIPAC as conservative and even partisan. “AIPAC is spending money in ads attacking the Democratic Party,” Yonah Lieberman, the cofounder of IfNotNow, a group leading the campaign to persuade Democrats to boycott this year’s AIAPC conference. “Why would any Democrat, candidate or otherwise, go to AIPAC this year?”
IfNotNow took credit for the questioner, identified as Sarah O’Connor, who pushed Warren on the AIPAC conference. Warren answered “yeah” when asked if she was planning to skip the conference. The candidate did not push back against O’Connor’s questionable assertion that AIPAC was forging an “unholy alliance” with “Islamapohobes and anti-Semites and white nationalists” and insistence that “no Democrat should legitimize that kind of bigotry by attending their annual policy conference.”
Jeremy Ben-Ami, the president of J Street, a liberal Middle East policy group that vies to replace AIPAC’s influence among Democrats, said the ads were further evidence of AIPAC’s identification with Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

As long as AIPAC remains on its knees with its head bowed, we can expect IfNotNow and J Street to walk all over them and continue to gain influence in the Democratic Party.