Admit BDS is Anti-Semitism?

From the article:

Following increased numbers of anti-Semitic acts locally and globally, the Highland Park Borough Council and Gayle Brill Mittler, the borough’s mayor, have spent the last four months examining and drafting proposals of resolutions condemning anti-Semitism, specifically calling out the BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanctions) movement in terms of its anti-Semitic bias and its demonization of Jews and Israel. 
However, in the wake of the borough’s “P Is for Palestine” library brouhaha, an event which was initially delayed due to strong Jewish communal objections and then ultimately held last week—reportedly with few in attendance to hear author Golbarg Bashi speak, but with scores demonstrating outside the library—Highland Park continues to grapple with the underlying issues associated with the political leanings of its heterogeneous, multicultural community.

We're constantly being told that "diversity is our strength." With children's propaganda like "P is for Palestine" being read at a public library, diversity might not favor the Jewish community. It is to the Highland Park's Jewish community's credit that they were out protesting this episode in anti-Semitism. And they had an effect.

The borough is a diverse and progressive community that includes members of the Rutgers University community and a strong observant Jewish population; the sticking point with the borough’s meetings has been whether or not to include anti-BDS language in the resolution. Key differences in various drafts have concerned if or how BDS would be included by name; the mayor and councilmembers have reportedly been inundated with emails and messages about this. The Jewish Link has learned that a group calling itself “HP United Against Hate” submitted a letter to the mayor and council requesting that the resolution not be passed due to its anti-BDS provisions, though dozens of Jewish residents have written the borough leadership expressing support for the resolution and the need to pass the resolution—with the anti-BDS concern spelled out—as currently drafted. 

"HP United Against Hate" must be a progressive group that, as with many other progressive "anti-hate" groups, does not view all the diverse types of hate equally and is willing to accept hatred against Israel.

The now-drafted “Resolution Condemning All Forms of Anti-Semitism” includes the following language: “movements that co-opt legitimate means to unfairly promote economic warfare against the State of Israel in an attempt to deny its legitimacy, existence and the right of the Jewish people to national self-determination are anti-Semitic and contrary to the essential values of government under which this council performs its obligations to the public.”

This is as it should be. We know that anti-Zionism is thinly disguised anti-Semitism.


Highland Park resident John Kovac said that he’d been paying close attention at council meetings in relation to this issue. “At recent town council debates in Highland Park [in discussion] over including mention of BDS in an anti-Semitism resolution, a number of speakers cautioned against ‘upsetting people.’ For them, Jews and non-Jews alike, concern about upsetting BDS supporters took precedence over betrayal of Jews seeking support against anti-Semitism, whose concerns were treated as non-existent,” he said. 
For example, at the September 17th council meeting, Highland Park resident Ira Mintz, who is president emeritus of the I.L. Peretz Community Jewish School, a secular Jewish school located in central New Jersey, stated that “we should be supporting free speech in our community, not siding with those on the right, who pretend to champion free speech, but then seek to silence the voices of those who advocate for the non-violent BDS movement. Our borough government officials should not be taking sides in that debate,” he said. 

No, Mr Mintz. This is not a free speech issue. The BDS supporters (who have resorted to violence) will still be able to express their Jew-hatred, but they will be called out for what they are. And you've got it backwards. It is the BDS movement that is trying to silence Jews. Officials should be taking sides against anti-Semitism. Why is that so difficult to understand?

There always has to be someone who is Jewish but who places their politics ahead of their Judaism. Do they not understand that this has always worked against the Jews? And against any fool who gives support to the Jew haters?

Stay tuned. This ain't over.