A Couple of Articles from ZOA

Unlike the current Jewish organizations that are accepted in polite society ZOA continues to speak of/for Jews and Israel - which is the reason ZOA is not accepted in polite society. "Polite company" these days means that extremely loud "progressive" side of the aisle that just has no use for strong Jews who stand up for themselves. ZOA gets vilified by Jews and non-Jews for the crime of standing up for Jews and Israel. No trembling knees here.

The ZOA is pleased that anti-Israel activist Peter Beinart, who opposes Israel’s existence as a Jewish State and is an anti-Israel propagandist, has taken the right and honorable action by resigning his position as an alternate to the World Zionist Congress (“WZC”). Beinart was a member of the far leftwing “Hatikvah” slate, which includes the Israel-bashing group J Street. Beinart’s resignation follows separate cases brought by the ZOA Coalition and the Eretz HaKodesh slates, before Zionist judicial tribunals, against Beinart, his “Hatikvah” slate, ARZA, and delegates and alternates on those slates who promote partial anti-Israel boycotts, divestment and/or sanctions (BDS).

If Peter Beinart is a zionist, I'm a rootless cosmopolitan.

And then there is the current trend of pandering to the BLM organization.

There are no questions about the general hate and specific anti-Semitism, anti-nuclear family rhetoric, and anti-American values of BLM, which are elucidated in BLM’s own manifesto. To quote Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, president of The American Islamic Forum for Democracy, BLM “is avowedly neo-Marxist, anti-capitalist, anti-individualist, anti-democratic and anti-American. It wishes to erase and rewrite America’s history, destroy and rebuild her institutions, and overthrow her political system. In short, it seeks to remake the entire country in its own image.”  It is devoted to anti-Semitism, and its very charter calls for the destruction of Israel, calling it an “apartheid nation…committing genocide.”
And yet, Major League Baseball placed the BLM logo on the pitchers’ mounds on Opening Day.
Instead of MLB bringing people together through honest sports competition, baseball has now become like the 1936 Olympics in Berlin: an opportunity for the politics of hate to become more important than the athletic competition.

Other Jewish groups continue to pander, their concern for the Jewish community seeming to be negligible.