HIAS, formerly known as Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society has been going about its business for many years settling, not Jews, but mostly Muslim immigrants in the United States and Europe. This wouldn't be an issue except for the rampant, ingrained anti-Semitism that these Islamic immigrants bring with them. Technically we are forbidden by the mandates of social justice from mentioning that anti-Semitism, but since HIAS is making the news in Jewish journalistic circles these days, we are not the only ones bringing it up.

While there is no data for Syria, which is a major source of refugees, an educated guess follows from looking at its neighbors: for the Palestinian-inhabited territories, Lebanon and Jordan, the antisemitism rates are 93 percent, 81 percent and 78 percent, respectively. Iraq, whose refugees also benefit from HIAS's fierce advocacy, is at 92 percent. A prudent immigration policy requires vetting with this in mind.
HIAS, however, spearheads de facto open borders policies to benefit populations for which radical vetting is needed most. As noted by Charles Jacobs, while it has not been shy about discussing the existence of governmental vetting procedures designed to prevent terrorism, HIAS has not stepped to the plate in looking beyond this myopic metric to other avenues in which immigrants holding detestable beliefs could harm society. Instead, Jews must survive a state of affairs in Europe in which a plurality of antisemitic harassment is attributable to an Islamist motivation.
As best put by Jonathan S. Tobin, editor of JNS, "the recent wave of immigrants from Muslim and Arab countries has created a vast new constituency for Jew-hatred." The data supports this notion. HIAS, however, has made the determination that in creating a more diverse Europe, some collateral damage, particularly that of Jews, must be tolerated.
Rather than push for vetting, HIAS demands countries open their borders first and deal with antisemitism later.
According to the most charitable account, HIAS buries its head in the sand and hopes for the best. Rather than pushing for meaningful vetting, its approach is to demand countries open their borders first, deal with marginalizing beliefs like antisemitism later. One solution is implementing something along the lines of the diversity and sensitivity training that someone in the corporate world undergoes upon telling an off-color joke. If Jewish lives and overall well-being weren't at stake, the only laughing matter here would be HIAS's naivety.

Sadly, as we know, HIAS is not the only nominally Jewish organization replacing Judaism with social justice. According to Daniel Greenfield, and as we mostly already know, the rot runs much deeper than just HIAS:

The old infrastructure of American Jewish organizations has been colonized by the anti-Israel Left. There was outrage three years ago when David N. Myers, was put into place as the head of the Center for Jewish History. The Myers appointment happened because the academic councils of the Center for Jewish History and the American Jewish Historical Society were full of anti-Israel activists. The AJHS tried to host an event by a JVP activist who had defended Hamas and advocated the destruction of Israel.
David Rosenn, the husband of the aforementioned Jennie, runs the Hebrew Free Loan Society. Rosenn had appeared at a Sarsour rally against President Trump’s efforts to stop Muslim terror migration and refused to condemn Sarsour.
Of the 39 members of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations who voted, 31 voted for the head of the anti-Semitic collaborator group, and only 8 had the courage to vote against.
The Conference includes anti-Israel organizations like Peace Now and Ameinu, old time radical organizations like the Jewish Labor Committee (as dated in its own way as HIAS and the HFLS), and the Workmen's Circle, along with allies of anti-Israel groups like HIAS and the National Council of Jewish Women, whose leftist leader, Nancy Kaufman, had also signed the letter in defense of Sarsour.
Jewish Women International, the former women's division of the B'nai B'rith, has collaborated with anti-Israel hate groups like T'ruah and participated in Sarsour events. While it didn’t boycott the Women’s March, it made a point of boycotting a Conference of Presidents Chanukah event held at a Trump hotel.
The Conference is full of organizations whose names mean very little. The American Sephardi Federation, despite the name, is a subset of the Center for Jewish History, whose director, Jason Guberman-Pfeffer, is not remotely Sephardi. There are plenty of organizations with ‘Zionist’ in their name and nowhere else, like ARZA or the Association of Reform Zionists of America, whose president Joshua Weinberg pitched the World Zionist Congress elections as a means of cutting off funding to Jews living in areas claimed by terrorists, and insisted that, "Democracy is More Jewish than a Nation-State."
ARZA is just a tool of Union for Reform Judaism and its boss Rick Jacobs, a member of J Street’s ‘Rabbinic’ cabinet. URJ had opposed moving the embassy to Jerusalem and Israel barring Rep. Ilhan Omar from entering the Jewish State.

The worst part is:

It’s not just about Israel.
European Jews have been terrorized and murdered by the sort of Muslim mass migration that HIAS has rebuilt its fortunes on. Anti-Semitism is increasingly being normalized on the Left and the Right, while Jewish organizations remain divided in their ideological corners, and unable to speak out against it. As black and white supremacists launch murderous attacks against Jews, there is no mutual support.

Throughout history the Jews' worst enemies have been the Jews in our midst working against us. These days, they are now mainstream.