Protest and Counter-protest

There was a protest the other day at the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington by Jews insisting that the detention centers on our southern border are leading to another Holocaust. There was also a counter protest because some local Jew have not been taken in by hysterical hyperbole.

There was local news coverage.

From the Detroit Free Press:

"They are using the Holocaust Center as a prop," said Eugene Greenstein, 73, of Farmington Hills. "They are trying to make an analogy between the immigrant detention centers and the concentration camps, the death camps of Nazi Germany."

Greenstein said he planned to protest outside the Holocaust Memorial Center, too, making his views known. "We are planning to be on the same side of the street, down the road," he said.

"These illegal immigrants are coming up here willingly," Greenstein said. "They know they are going to be put into detention centers. It's a temporary placement by law and they will be let go.

"When you go to a concentration camp, you either go to the right or the left. In one case, you go to a crematorium and get killed, murdered. In the other case, you go to a work camp and get worked to death. In other situations, you get murdered by firing squad or asphyxiated in moving trucks, which wasn't too efficient so they made gas chambers."

At the event, Sue Burstein, a member of the Michigan Jewish Action Council, said while she has “compassion" for the immigrants locked inside the detention centers, she does not believe the conditions are comparable to the concentration camps.

“They're trying to exploit the Holocaust," she said. “There's nothing that equates to the Holocaust. Nobody forced them in detention camps. They're welcome to their own opinion, but do not trivialize what happened to 5 million people."

Burstein said her daughter in-law received a green card about a week ago, and that other immigrants should follow the same process.

“There is a process," she said. "Immigrants should come here legally."

From Fox 2:

"They are going to use the museum as a prop to basically say, well the concentration camps are no different than the holding cells at the southern border," said Rabbi Aryeh Spero. "This a travesty regarding what really happened in the Holocaust."

And while both arguments were displayed with great passion.

"We will never again allow systemic genocide. never again," screamed one impassioned protester.

It is a debate that will likely carry on into the election cycle of 2020.

Farmington Hills police say it went off peacefully without any arrests.