Andy Levin in Dearborn Protesting ICE: Updated

Representative Andy Levin was in Dearborn the other day, participating in a "close the camps" demonstration. He was there with his friend, Rashida Tlaib, who he insists, despite evidence to the contrary, is not anti-Semitic. Also attending the rally were some groups who refer to themselves as Jewish. And then there was CAIR (unindicted conspirators in the country's largest terrorism funding case). And Andy Levin was there. Partnering with Rashida Tlaib and CAIR. What some of us here at the secret MJAC HQ found interesting though, is that Levin was photographed wearing a kippa.

That should be no big deal. Levin is Jewish, and Jews were kippot all the time. But after scouring the Internet, I could find no other photo featuring Levin so arrayed.

He might wear a kippa at shul. I don't know. I don't go to his shul. I'm sure there was no political reason for Levin to try to appear more Jewish while partnering with CAIR to demand that the Dearborn police department stop its cooperation with ICE. It would be horrible to even suggest such a thing. A sitting congressional representative using his religion for political purposes? That's outrageous! I'm sure that is not what Levin was doing.

But there he was CAIR and with his friend, Rashida Tlaib. I only hope Tlaib isn't using Levin as a political pawn in her war against Israel as she is doing to her grandmother, who she made such a big deal over until her hatred for Israel trumped her familial love.

It's also interesting that Tlaib's election has given "the Palestinian people hope." Every other representative (especially if they're Jewish) is expected to encourage their constituents' hope.

The worst part of all this is that in the Fox News video, Detroit Jews for Justice and Bend the Arc are referred to as "the Jewish community" by Debbie Dingell - who seriously might not know better. But we do.

UPDATE: Here is Tlaib's statement on her refusal to visit Israel.