Canary Mission Report on AMP and IfNotNow

Canary Mission is still engaged in exposing campus Jew-haters. Canary Mission exposes them by collecting and reprinting their own social media posts. Their latest report is here.

In June 2019, INN revealed they now share AMP’s pivotal goal to influence American politics.

While AMP’s strategy has been to lobby congressman who attend their annual Palestine Advocacy Day, INN leaders announced their attempt to directly influence 2020 United States presidential candidates. The group employed six full-time activists to follow the summer campaign trails of various Democratic candidates and lobby them to take a position against “the occupation.”

In addition, INN co-founder Max Berger, positioned himself as a Director of Progressive Partnerships for U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign. Berger, an avowed anti-Israel activist, recently came under fire for a 2013 tweet exposed by Canary Mission, in which he remarked that he would be “friends with Hamas.”

Despite AMP being anti-Semitic to its core, INN leaders are more than happy to collaborate with them. To find out more about both AMP and their partnership with INN, check out their profiles below.

It is a fairly lengthy report. It's worth reading and bookmarking. There is also a video explaining AMP's methods and long term strategy. And it is a long term strategy. They're engaged in a war against Israel. Not a debate, but war. And the Israel/Jew haters won't ever give up. After each defeat, they try again. We've seen that from the eleven tries at an anti-Israel divestment resolution at the University of Michigan.