Links for Your Information

As always, there are a lot of things going on that you probably haven't heard about because they aren't considered important enough to report on by the mainstream press. Fortunately, you have the MJAC blog to lead you to stories you might have missed.

First, from Clarion Project, a report on how Qatar is pouring money into American universities and school districts in order to influence what is being taught about Islam and other subjects dear to their jihadist hearts:

Heavy Qatari investment in Islamist organizations in the U.S., along with significant investment in universities, creates both opportunity and means for other groups to repeat the same play. The right combination of hysteria, offense and criticism of racism is a winning ideological warfare strategy of Islamists and their Leftist allies — both of whom employ similar shock tactics to create gains.

Within public schools, Qatar’s vision deploys a softer assault. According to a Fox News report,

The Qatar Foundation, through its American subsidiary Qatar Foundation International (QFI), has donated more than $30 million to public schools in Texas, Oregon, Arizona, and elsewhere for Arabic language education, a Wall Street Journal investigation revealed.

While Qatar’s generosity to K-12 schools pays for teacher training programs, cultural events, and curriculum development, a closer look shows that its support is not always in step with American values. The Foundation’s main curriculum resource website, for example, offers a lesson plan titled “Express Your Loyalty to Qatar,” while another lesson plan states that the U.S. began the Iraq war to “feast on” Iraq’s economy.

Yet, somehow despite school districts across the U.S. having very stringent requirements for what makes it onto a campus and what qualifies as curriculum, the Qataris have been able to buy their way in with cold cash.

Most recently, The Federalist reported that Qatari funding supplied Duke University with more than $111,000 to fund teaching k-12 teachers biased info about Islam.

Also from Clarion Project, a report on Northwestern University's partnership with Al Jazeera. Al jazeera is owned by the government of Qatar:

Additionally, the director-general of Al Jazeera Network, H.E. Sheikh Ahmed bin Jassim bin Mohamed Al-Thani, said it would “support NU-Q students with scholarships and training opportunities, and by encouraging them to participate in Al Jazeera’s community service initiatives.”

In other words, Northwestern University would help improve Al Jazeera’s operations and Al Jazeera would recruit Northwestern University students to serve its agenda.

David Reaboi, senior vice president of the Security Studies Group, writes:

“Al Jazeera is the world’s most successful and influential state-directed information operation. Its sophistication is evident in its ability to promote two very different messages to two audiences simultaneously. In Arabic, Al Jazeera pushes a stream of vile, anti-Semitic conspiracy theories … In English, however, Al Jazeera presents itself as progressive and left wing … A rebranding in English as ‘AJ+’ was further meant to obscure the Islamist-run network and to appeal to younger people in the West, with social media material in English, Arabic, French and Spanish.”

From, here is Steve Kramer writing about Dana Milbank acting as apologist for Ilhan Omar:

Milbank wrote that Omar remains ill-defined beyond the monstrous caricature President Trump has made of her with his racist slander. I and many others say that Omar demonstrates that she is a racist by her own words and actions.

Milbank lauded Omar for representing American values far better than the President. “She spoke of Muslims as part of America’s expanding democracy, united not by race or religion but love of country and reverence for its Constitution.” Nonsense! Omar would like nothing better than to have (Islamic) Sharia law replace the Constitution. (See Geller Report quote in appendix.)

Could there be a more American creed?” asks Dana Milbank. There certainly is, or God help the USA. It’s regrettable that publications like the Washington Post regularly print drivel like this article from Milbank, a well educated naif. Yes, both Dana Milbank and Peter Beinart are Jewish liberals. But unfortunately, that label has lost its former meaning of tolerant objectivity.

At Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer reports on CAIR Michigan's own Dawud Walid:

Betrayal of Palestinians is an example of this bad leadership, Walid claimed, seeming to describe Israelis and their supporters as “enemies.”

“May Allah help our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Their oppression and occupation is in part an act of betrayal of Muslims against the Palestinian people,” he said. “When some Uncle Toms and some sellouts collaborated with colonialists against the khilafa [caliphate] and disobeyed the commandment of Allah and fought with the enemies of the khilafa so they could get some petty courtesy, some petty care for some families. And Muslims are suffering for it today, that grand act of betrayal.”

Anti-Semitism is nothing new for Walid. He has gained notoriety for insisting that Hamas, which is dedicated to destroying the Jewish state, must be included in Middle East peace process talks. “Now how in the world can there be a realistic discussion about peace talks when the entity which represents the elected government of the Palestinian people during a fair election that was monitored by international inspectors, including former president Jimmy Carter is not at the peace table?” he asked during a 2010 rally in Dearborn, Mich.

He has even used the Quran to preach against Jews before. “Who are those who incurred the wrath of Allah?” Walid asked in a May 25, 2012 sermon at the Islamic Organization of North America mosque in Warren, Mich. Then he answered himself in Arabic: “They are the Jews, they are the Jews.”