The Detroit Free Press Allows Anti-Israel Incitement to Pass as News

The article is about protests in Dearborn against the opening of an Israel-based burger chain called Burgerim. There are many scattered around the nation, a few in the Detroit area, and more being promised. But some Dearborn residents will not allow an Israeli connected business into their city.

The protests against Burgerim are being spearheaded by Amer Zahr, whose previous big moment was putting a sticky note on Rashida Tlaib's office map.

Zahr has his typical Israel-hating reasons, and the Free Press dutifully lists them, but with no regard for challenging any of his contentions. In typical mainstream media practice, incitement against Jews and Israel is allowed to pass unchallenged.

Amer Zahr, a University of Detroit law professor, activist and comedian who lives in Dearborn, has been a leading voice urging his community to boycott the business when it opens because it was founded in Israel on land he says was stolen from Palestinians.

“It was offensive to many members of the community,” Zahr said.

It probably is offensive to many Dearborn residents. This tells us more about Dearborn, and about the depth of hatred festering in their souls than it does about the restaurant. Had this gone the other way, and a Palestinian-labeled restaurant was being protested by Jews, the tone of the article would have been a lot less accepting. The accusations of bigotry would be flying fast and furiously (some of them, no doubt, from our own JCRC/AJC). The Free Press though, accepts anti-Jewish/anti-Israel bigotry. There is always an excuse for hating Jews.

Zahr is a supporter of the Palestinian-led movement called BDS, or Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions, that puts pressure on Israel to change its policies and grant Palestinians human rights, according to the movement’s website. It was inspired by the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa.

When Burgerim first began to set up shop in the neighborhood, Amer Zahr said many people did not know much about it. He felt it was his job to educate people on the history of its founding. Burgerim locations are built on land stolen from Palestinians by Israel, Zahr writes in a blog post that details each piece of land.

The Free Press even accepts the lies about BDS. We know that the BDS calls for the destruction of Israel. A real journalist would have done some digging into the real motives behind BDS and into the alleged "stolen Palestinian land" since the Palestinian people did not exist in 1948.

When it comes to Jews and Israel though, journalism be damned. Just accept any opinion from any Israel hater and call it a day. The Free Press is no different in this regard than the New York Times or Washington Post.