Detroit JCRC/AJC Supports Rashida Tlaib: Updated

Here is the link to the full JCRC/AJC Facebook post:

If the entire letter wasn't bad enough, this is the paragraph that really had me wondering if the JCRC/AJC understand the situation:

Moreover, we are disappointed that President Trump chose to interject Israel into this rhetoric to distract and divide. While JCRC/AJC disagrees with certain positions you hold regarding Israel, we believe that these disagreements are best addressed through productive, thoughtful dialogue.

"Disagree with certain positions?" "Productive, thoughtful dialogue?" Has Trump Derangement Syndrome so infected our Jewish "leaders" that they're looking at Tlaib's hatred for Israel as a simple disagreement akin to deciding which toppings to put on a pizza? Between Tlaib's tweets and actions, how do they not see Tlaib's yearning for Israel's destruction? They're allowing their TDS to distract and divide local Jews.

Rather than review her entire Israel-hating history, let's just focus on a couple of Tlaib's "disagreements." She has co-sponsored Ilhan Omar's pro-BDS bill, part of which, in order to justify boycotts, compares Israel to Nazis. From the bill:

(2) boycotting Nazi Germany from March 1933 to October 1941 in response to the dehumanization of the Jewish people in the lead-up to the Holocaust;

(I hope JCRC/AJC disagrees with that analogy.)

She has allied herself with numerous anti-Semites, Jew killers, and terror supporters. ZOA has produced a handy list for JCRC/AJC to refer to the next time they want to side with Tlaib against President Trump, although, to be fair, Trump did say some mean things. And that must be why JCRC/AJC is willing to overlook Tlaib's friendships with people like Rasmea Odeh, who murdered two Israel Jews in a terrorist bombing, Amer Zahr (who is the one that placed "Palestine" over Israel, thereby "correcting" Tlaib's office map) and Abbas Hamideh .

Speaking of Hamideh, here is a tweet from Elder of Ziyon on some issues JCRC/AJC might disagree with but could address with productive, thoughtful dialogue.

The Israel Advocacy Network has produced a couple of worthwhile videos exposing Tlaib's associates:


The Israel Advocacy Network is based in Great Britain. How is it that they are so much more aware of Tlaib's friends, beliefs, and pathologies than our own local Jewish organizations?

The question I have for JCRC/AJC is: Which is more important; sticking it to Trump or supporting the Jewish people against our enemies? Yes, I understand that some of the most vile Jew-haters also hate Trump, but this is not a case of "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." No, this time the enemy of your enemy is a much worse enemy. This should be a no-brainer.

UPDATE: Here is another short Rashida Tlaib video I happened to stumble upon: