The hue and cry about AOC's ridiculous "concentration camp" analogy has mostly died down so that news readers and Twitter members can focus on the next big outrage. But none of AOC's defenders or detractors noticed that her hyperbole surrounding the illegal immigrant detention centers serves a larger purpose than just demonizing ICE and Donald Trump. There is also the erasing of the Jews:

The object, which is being pursued on many levels by many individuals and organizations, is to erase the Jews. Not only must Jews be erased from humanity, but in order to completely fulfill this Nazi/SJP/Muslim Brotherhood dream, the Jews must also be erased geographically with the destruction of Israel and historically with the denial or trivialization of the Holocaust.

Taking a step in that erasure, AOC, whether knowingly or unknowingly, is pushing a secular Replacement Theology. It is now illegal immigrants who are victims of concentration camps. This comes after years of SJP promoting the fallacy of “Concentration Camp Gaza.” Each new lie builds on a past lie until it becomes part of the normal discourse. It becomes natural to replace Jews with the Boer War or immigrants, and to replace the Jews of Israel with the “indigenous Palestinians.” Linda Sarsour has been facing blowback for taking that absurdity a step further in repeating Ilhan Omar’s delusion that Jesus was a Palestinian. Omar was echoing Omar Suleiman, an imam who has come out strongly against Israel but in favor of Sharia Law. Suleiman was not even the first to replace Jesus’ Judaism with a Palestinian origin, but it currently remains a lie whose time has not yet come.

We can continue to point out AOC’s trivialization of the Holocaust. We can even continue to give factual information as to why her comparison is bogus and insulting to the memory of the six million Jews who were murdered and to the survivors. The problem is that, willingly or not, she has made herself into another cog in the Jew-hating machine. Other humans in this machine include her high profile allies who took the time to dig for articles and information in order to deny the truth. Followers have condensed these articles into memes and tweets in order to cloud the reality even further, a great example being the tweet stating, “Anne Frank and her sister weren’t gassed. They died of Typhus, a result of living in a crowded camp with poor sanitation.” It received 3,439 retweets and 5,420 likes. It’s unknown how many times it was shared on other social media sites in order to help more people ignore the 1.1 million people, most of them Jews, who were murdered at Auschwitz.

Not everyone who is pushing AOC’s concentration camp agenda hates Jews. Some are political opportunists who have no historical knowledge and are willing to accept Jews as collateral damage in order support AOC’s theatrics and trash Trump. They will march in lockstep with any historical narrative that serves their purpose. They will perform all of the mental gymnastics necessary to buy the hyperbole and the trivialization.

The war against the Jews is never ending and is taking place on many fronts. Congress has now become a battleground with a strong anti-Israel contingent within the Democratic party stepping up to challenge Democratic Party leadership who mostly supported Israel if served theme politically.

Here is a excerpt from an interview from one of the new Democrat Israel haters and AOC ally, Rashida Tlaib:

HT: Ed Kohl

My last question before I let you go is on the topic of Palestine solidarity: you and Representative Omar have been the subject of a horrific torrent of abuse because you both support Palestinian liberation and because you are both Muslim women. I’m sure this has been incredibly painful and difficult personally, but I also think it’s hopeful politically. Would you agree that defenders of the status quo are rightfully worried that the American people, particularly young people, are moving toward supporting justice and freedom in Israel and Palestine?


Yeah, I see more and more people opposing injustice and inequality. I can’t separate this from the most beautiful, blackest city in the country. In Detroit, there are reminders of the Civil Rights Movement on every corner — my African-American teachers and others used to show me neighborhoods and communities that were segregated, where if you were a biracial couple you couldn’t live or work or eat in certain places, you couldn’t eat in certain places. Even Congresswoman Barbara Lee was telling me about how her father used to wear his military uniform and hope that maybe he might get service at certain restaurants.

I can tell you when I was in Palestine with my mother and she had to get in a separate line. There are different colored license plates if you are Palestinian or Israeli. There is continued dehumanization and racist policies by the state of Israel that violate international human rights, but also violate my core values of who I am as an American. “Separate but equal” doesn’t work. I know that my ancestors were killed, died, uprooted from their land. That’s something that no one even wants to acknowledge that had to happen to create the state of Israel. Do I want to see that happen to other people? Absolutely not! But I want there to be a recognition that it happened and from there on, do some sort of healing process and understanding that it needs to then lead to equality and freedom for my grandmother who still lives there. She should be able to die with some sort of human dignity, and I know that will lead us to true peace because everything else is not working — over seventy years of struggle, and it’s because we’re not looking at it the way we should be. Just like we looked at the struggle for black Americans for true equality and access to opportunity to thrive. The same thing that has happened to the LGBTQ community. All of that is why I say free Palestine, that Palestinians deserve human rights. I see young people understanding that. When I see young Black Lives Matter activists with t-shirts that say “Free Palestine,” and I’m wearing the Black Lives Matter t-shirt, I know it’s working.

We’re not just a country that’s divided, we’re also connected. As Americans, we appreciate these values and it gives us hope. I see more Americans understanding the plight of Palestinians, in a way that doesn’t dehumanize or degrade Israelis either, but does hold the leadership of the Israeli government accountable. They see Israel is proceeding in a way that is a direct violation of Palestinians’ core right to human dignity. The defenders of the status quo are right to be worried.

Notice where the interviewer's sympathies lie. They aren't with the Jews.