OMG, Just Shut Up: An Open Letter to Linda Sarsour

Ariel Sobel gives many excellent reasons for Linda Sarsour to just shut her Jew-hating pie hole. Here are some of them:

7. You created lists of “good Jews” versus the “bad Jews” in your attack on the Forward.

8. You threw a temper tantrum over the announcement of a black-Jewish caucus, encouraging more division between two communities of which you are not a part.

9. You vilified the most respected organization fighting anti-Semitism, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), leading it to be expelled from diversity training at Starbucks — while you used security from the Nation of Islam.

10. Oh, yeah. Hiring security from the Nation of Islam.

11. When a Jewish grocery in Winnepeg, Canada faked anti-Semitic vandalism, you exploited that it was staged in order to attack the ADL for condemning the bigotry, before the fraud was exposed.

12. You suggested Jewish progressives harbor divided loyalties to Israel over their values.

The problem is that Sarsour has a huge following and they will excuse any stupid thing she says or does and ignore any of her hypocritical stances. She even has Jewish followers. Some people think she even cares about women's rights (from underneath her hijab, the wearing of which is dictated by men). Don't expect the mainstream media to point out the fact that she is not all that she says she is. They are either clueless or on her side.

But when somebody points out that she is working hard at making the world a worse place, we should pay attention and pass it on.