Richard Dreyfuss doesn’t like to be called a hypocrite - but he is.

There is a great range of Jews who describe themselves from the very religious to the completely secular. We lie all across the political spectrum - sort of. Many more American Jews lean left than lean correctly - I mean - lean right.

It's been a habit of Jews on the Left to try to align "their Judaism" with their politics, trying to fit their version of Jewish thought and tradition and their support or disdain for Israel into the Procrustean bed of Leftist political thought. The result is always a twisted version of Judaism based on a very limited understanding of the Jewish tradition in question.

Some of the twisters of tradition who look down their noses at Israel are very famous, and they have no qualms about speaking about issues of which they have very little knowledge while insisting on their moral authority as Jews. One of those people is famous Hollywood movie star, Richard Dreyfuss.

In answer to a question on the rise of anti-Semitism around the world and the parallel rise of anti-Zionism, Dreyfuss answered, “Anti-Semitism is on the rise, yes, but we should be more afraid of Jews not behaving like Jews. Jews are given quite an extremely detailed lesson in how to be Jewish, and that's a good thing. It's not to be taken lightly. We'll sound very much like our own worst enemies in trying to protect Zionism and protect our own reputations. We really do need to explore what it means to be Jewish and not let it go away.”

He went on to say, “I’m very proud of being Jewish and I'm very proud of being a cultural Jew. But most Jews are willing to celebrate their own history of being oppressed, and then they'll get up and oppress other people. so, I don't want Jews to do that.”

Taking him down is not-so-famous author, Barry Shaw.

I guess the oppression of being a Jew in Hollywood must be unbearable, but Dreyfuss obviously has the courage to suck it up and take it. It’s the Jews of Israel he can’t stand. He considers us the Jews who oppress others, of not behaving like Jews.

He clearly understands little of the complexity of the Middle East and the precarious position of Israeli Jews living as we do in our compressed bubble of three hundred and sixty degrees of violent Jew-hatred expressing itself in gruesome murders on a regular basis for a hundred years. He hasn’t reasoned that perhaps it is them that are oppressing us.

Shaw has a lot more to say. Dreyfuss probably should have had less to say. After all, he is wealthy enough that he can easily go to Israel to get the real picture. He probably has an assistant who can make all of the arrangements for him. He really has no excuse for his hypocrisy.