Watch: Video Proof Outside Actors Behind Ethiopian Protests: “Rioters Paid by Soros”

People who are trying to dismantle the United States also want to dismantle Israel, in their minds destroying the Big Satan and the Little Satan. This thinking also applies to the secular enemies of the West, who for some stupid reason find themselves allied with dictatorial (Islamic) leaders who would have them immediately beheaded if they ever did get their wish to bring down the two best countries on Earth.

Yesterday, BIN exposed evidence that the Soros backed New Israel Fund, was behind the Ethiopian Solidarity protest, which has resulted in hundreds of wounded, that shut down traffic throughout Israel. Today, new evidence has emerged that appears to confirm what Likud MK and ex-Jerusalem mayor Nir Barakat’s claimed: “the (George Soros backed) NIF poured out its resources to fan the flames. I’ve spoken with Ethiopian friends and they said they received assistance from the NIF”.

Yosef Tavin, an eye-witness posted on Facebook a video showing non-Ethiopian members of the riot giving orders to the Ethiopian rioters. In it, you can see the non-Ethiopians instructing the Ethiopian rioters to back down from assaulting someone and the Ethiopian rioters heeding his command. Tavin notes how “the victim was getting pummeled and how everyone obeys the command of the protest organizers. Even the Ethiopian women who were present called on the rioters to refrain from violence.” See the video below:

We should know by now that things are not always as they seem, especially when those things are reported by the mainstream press. There is more to the article just as there is more to this whole spectacle.

What's ironic though, is that the anti-Semites and Islamists backing Soros accuse people who are suspicious of Soros of being anti-Semitic.