Jews and Jewish Antisemites collide in California

There is a divide in the American Jewish community. There are Jews who consider their Judaism important and Jews who see it as trivial or even as a burden. Certain beliefs accompany both sides. To the extreme non-Jewish Jews, it's almost as if Judaism was something to be ashamed of and something to be fought against.

Daniel Greenfield examines an example of that divide.

On the last weekend of May, two very different responses to antisemitism came out of California. Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, whose courageous response to a Neo-Nazi shooting at his synagogue in Poway won the hearts of a nation, headed off to appear at a Jerusalem Day event. Jerusalem Day or Yom Yerushalayim is a popular celebration in Israel commemorating the liberation of Jerusalem from its Islamic conquerors. “In the face of hatred and terror by our enemies in east Jerusalem, we continue to grow and thrive, despite the physical threat of violence and psychological danger that face our families every day, “Ateret Cohanim, the Jerusalem development organization, said in a statement. In a very different response, California Democrats struggled with a hateful resolution put forward by David Mandel, a convention delegate, and a chapter leader in the hate group Jewish Voice for Peace. The hateful resolution falsely shifted blame to Israel and Jews for the synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh. It also defended Muslim antisemitism and condemned attempts to reject terrorism against Jews. Jewish Voice for Peace is neither Jewish nor peaceful. This is its latest episode of promoting blood libels, dating back to its association with an antisemitic bigot who claimed that Jews drank blood. Mandel, a chapter leader in a hate group that promoted an anti-Israel activist who appeared on white supremacist radio, cynically accuses Israel and Jews of collaborating with white supremacists. Mandel is a contributor to Mondoweiss: a hate site which claimed that a previous antisemitic attack by a white supremacist was really an Israeli plot.

The reason MJAC was formed was to give a voice to the Rabbi Goldstein view, which is the minority view. While (fortunately) most Jews on the Left are not as extreme in their hate of all things Jewish as David Mandel, they are more inclined to consider his poisonous point of view. With the acceptance of the non-Jewish Jew and the Jew-hating Jew among the media, academia, and entertainment industry, and the promotion of their point of view, it is more important than ever to keep abreast of what's going on by following writers like Daniel Greenfield and to support MJAC.