Jewish groups slam Ocasio-Cortez for comparing US border control to ‘concentration camps’

Nazis and the Holocaust have become the "go to" analogy for all that is evil in the world, and if you are on the Left, for all that you disagree with politically. To people on the left, only the truly evil can disagree with them. So AOC's "concentration camp" claim should come as no surprise.

Outrage from pro-Israel and Jewish groups is growing at U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) for her remarks on Monday on her Instagram account that the United States is “running concentration camps on our southern border,” in reference to the Trump administration’s policies regarding illegal immigration.

Multiple battles are being fought on Twitter over the accuracy and/or anti-Semitism of her remarks. AOC's defenders have done some research and discovered that the use of concentration camps stretches back to the Boer War. The fact that they had to do research in order to discover that fact clearly demonstrates the idiocy and lack of honesty in their defense of AOC.

Common knowledge, which AOC depended on when she made her statement, associates concentration camps with the Nazis and only the Nazis. Adding to that connection was her use of "Never again," a sentiment which wasn't uttered in the Boer War's aftermath (or was it? Perhaps an AOC supporter will do some really deep digging, and let us know).

The most disturbing part of this whole ridiculous episode though, is that there are Jews also defending AOC's comments.

However, Bend the Arc: Jewish Action defended Ocasio-Cortez, saying that the real outrage should be directed at the Trump administration and not the congresswomen’s language.

“Whether we call them concentration camps, mass detention centers or cages for children, they are a moral abomination,” said Bend the Arc: Jewish Action in a statement.

“The real question is not what we call these mass detention sites growing all over the country, the question is: What is every government official and citizen doing to stop this evil? Our government is scapegoating, demonizing and terrorizing immigrants,” continued the group. “These policies echo the worst of Jewish history and the worst of American history.”

“Anyone distracting from these clear facts with manufactured outrage is subverting Jewish history and trauma, and that is shameful,” it added. “Jewish Americans overwhelmingly reject the hateful, anti-immigrant policies being perpetrated by the very people pretending to be offended on our behalf.”

It is Bend the Arc that is shameful. They are distracting the American people from AOC's trivialization of the Shoah in order to further their political agenda. As loud as they are, they speak for very few Jews.