Jews and Democrats

Democrats rewrote and softened the anti-Israel resolutions we wrote about in our last post.

From the Jewish News of Northern California:

The Resolutions Committee of the California Democratic Party has substantially rewritten six resolutions, deleting or softening language harshly critical of Israel.

On Friday, at the party’s state convention in San Francisco, the committee passed four of the resolutions as rewritten, prompting the original authors to withdraw their names and co-sponsors. Two other resolutions were withdrawn.

The resolutions dealt with a variety of issues related to anti-Semitism, Israel, Palestine and American involvement in the region. One included original language that required the Democratic Party to oppose “all efforts to stigmatize and suppress support for Palestinian human rights by falsely conflating it with anti-Semitism.” Another suggested Israel has a legacy of “settler colonialism,” while still another would have required elected party officials to include equal-time visits to Palestinian territories whenever visiting Israel, and should contact the state party’s Progressive Caucus or Arab-American Caucus to plan those trips. Another demanded a Palestinian “right of return,” which mandates descendants of Palestinians who fled what is now Israel during Israel’s 1948 War of Independence be allowed to return to Israel and to their original homes. Two resolutions supported returning the Golan Heights to Syria.

All such language was removed from the resolutions.

That's nice that somebody noticed and changed the language. The fact that such antisemitic resolutions were proposed though should alarm all Americans.

Before this news broke, others have been writing about the trouble brewing in the Democratic party, trouble that we've seen coming and which should alarm all Jews.

Jonathan Tobin has written about Ilhan Omar taking over the Democratic Party:

The scheduled guest of honor at that Austin Iftar dinner was the city’s mayor Steve Adler.

Though Austin is a liberal island sitting in the middle of red Texas, Adler is no left-winger. He’s widely considered a moderate Democrat and one with a national profile since he’s the leading backer of South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign.

More to the point, he is also Jewish and deeply involved in the local community, including spending years as the regional board chair of the Anti-Defamation League and a supporter of Israel.

That’s why members of the Jewish community reached out to him asking him not to attend the dinner alongside Omar, or if he did, to use it to speak out against what she has been spewing. As Jay Rubin, the immediate past CEO of Shalom Austin, the local Jewish federation, said to him in a letter he subsequently made public, Adler had an opportunity for a “Sister Souljah moment” where he could confront an extremist rather than appease one.

But Adler didn’t listen to their pleas.

In his remarks, the mayor tried to explain the damage done by the spreading of anti-Semitic tropes and narratives. He said that there was an obligation to denounce hateful language, and that “being selective in our sanctions can create an even more insidious evil.”

But while that line could have been interpreted as a rebuke to those on the left who denounce Trump and right-wing anti-Semitism but are silent about Omar and Tlaib, the next sentence showed what he really meant.

According to Adler, “It is patently wrong for people to weaponize condemnation and to use it as a cheap political organizing tool by only directing it toward those they wish to demonize because of their identity, if they wear hijab, for example. Just as there is no innocent use of a trope, there is no innocent failure to call out transgressions equally and everywhere.”

Meanwhile, in Florida:

Though she was born in Brooklyn, New York and grew up in Orlando, Florida, Mubarak likes to refer to herself as a Muslim Palestinian American. Her bias against Israel is evident in most everything she does and says. But like Representatives Omar and Tlaib and her comrades at Al-Awda, Mubarak’s views regarding Israel are far beyond criticism. Indeed, Mubarak believes Israel does not have the right to defend herself.

This month, when Hamas launched more than 600 rockets into Israel, leading to the deaths of four civilians, Mubarak tweeted/retweeted against anyone who would dare defend Israeli retaliation. Her targets included former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, Producer of "The Ellen Show" Andy Lassner, and Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio, who rightly described Hamas’ rocket attacks as “brutal” and “an affront to humanity.”

In November 2012, Mubarak clearly spelled out her stance on this subject, tweeting, “#LiesImTiredOfHearing Israel has the right to defend herself.” At the time, Israel had launched a war against Hamas, much like now, in retaliation for Hamas massive rocket fire. Regarding this, when her fellow CAIR operative Laila Abdelaziz tweeted, “Don’t worry ya Gaza, we’re working hard for you in Florida,” Mubarak, retweeted her, adding, “Yes we are!”

As well, at the end of the 2014 Israel-Gaza Conflict, Mubarak retweeted photos of a jubilant Hamas, who had, after so much bloodshed, pitilessly just declared victory. One of her posts read, “Thousands of people celebrating in the streets of Gaza for the victory. Alhamdulillah. #VictoryForGaza.”

Mubarak has been pulling the Florida Democratic Party into her terror-related bigoted world.

In December 2017, Mubarak had her YDOC and the Seminole County Young Democrats partner with CAIR for her ‘HANDS OFF JERUSALEM RALLY FOR PALESTINE.’ All of the groups’ logos are plastered on a dark and menacing poster advertising the rally and featuring images of a Palestinian flag and the Dome of the Rock. A video of the event highlights an anti-Semitic rant made by Mubarak’s uncle, Orlando real estate investor Said Lutfi, who, during the rally, referred to Jews as “the crappiest piece of s**t on this planet,” “baby killers,” and “Jesus killers.” Lutfi stated, “A ‘Jew’ is a curse.”

And here is Dov Fisher with the big picture of the Democratic party:

It is that same calculus that has driven Pelosi and Hoyer, who know better, to defend Tlaib’s and Omar’s every anti-Semitic tweet. The Democrats have assessed that they have Jewish liberals in their pocket, no matter what, so they may as well expand to attract the much larger Jew-hating vote, too.

In time, even the Jewish liberals will leave the Democrats because they will be kicked out, directly or indirectly. Their boat has sailed without them, and the tide has turned. They are the last of their era. Some will cling desperately for crumbs and will learn to accept the Jew-hatred infecting their ranks on fear of otherwise getting primaried out. As the British Labour Party has spit out its Jews and as Jews all over the world, especially in Israel, have moved in a massive Jewish tsunami towards political conservatism and away from the Left, so the tide has turned in America.

Those Jews who miss their boats will find themselves having to march against Israel, calling decent Jews like Benjamin Netanyahu “racist,” and acquiescing to an Intersectionality that sees them marching behind vile Jew-haters like Linda Sarsour, Tamika Mallory, and Al Sharpton while their party seats Ilhan Omar on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and regularly defends Rashida Tlaib for speaking “Her Truth.”

Alan Bergstein has more at the American Thinker:

Zev Jabotinsky in the early 1930s warned Europe's Jews of the impending Holocaust. They refused to face reality and heed his clarion calls. America under Obama clearly changed our position in support of Israel and initiated an anti-Jewish movement led by George Soros' support of such groups as J Street, Jewish Voice For Peace, T'ruah, Black Lives Matter, and MoveOn among others. This movement has slowed under the leadership of pro-Israel/Jewish President Trump. However, the upcoming 2020 elections will tell the story of whether American Jewry will be threatened by the now open Jew hating brazenly promulgated by the Democrat Party. When will Jews finally wake up to this fact and utilize their votes and dollars to defeat their enemies and finally give support to the party that supports them.

Finally, some advice from Melanie Philliips:

A century ago and more, our forbears were socialist or communist. But they were also culturally conservative, respecting the bonds of tradition, family, community, Jewish moral precepts. When the left became secular and Marxist and declared war on those things, many Jews failed to grasp the implications.

For Judaism, it was a fundamental onslaught. For the west in general, founded upon the moral principles of the Hebrew Bible, such attackers have steadily sawn through the branches on which the culture rests.

David Brooks has begun to understand that those branches are now snapping off. What a pity he hasn’t realised that the best chance of preserving this vital ecology is through Jewish conservatism.