Can Jews be anti-Semites? A cartoonist proves the point

There’s an old joke that tells of a person who has been accused of being a self-hating Jew. His response is to tell his accuser that he doesn’t hate himself. It’s other Jews he hates. That’s an apt introduction to the controversy over cartoonist Eli Valley.

For the last decade, Valley’s densely packed, grotesquely illustrated multi-panel cartoons have been spewing anti-Zionist propaganda over the Internet. His work used to appear in Jewish publications like The Forward and Tablet online magazine, but no longer. Still, he remains a popular figure among those who hate Israel and who spread hatred about the Jews. That’s why Students for Justice in Palestine and Jewish Voice for Peace invited him to speak and exhibit his work at Stanford University this week as part of their “Palestine Awareness Week.”

If you haven't seen Valley's cartoons, you can find them by Googling his name. You might be appalled. They are antisemitic. They are a clear demonstration on why anti-Zionism is antisemitism.

Predictably, that prompted howls of protest from Valley’s Israel-bashing hosts, who claimed it was the Republicans who were spreading anti-Semitism by putting up the Der Stürmer cartoons to demonstrate the comparison to his cartoons. Jewish Voice for Peace eventually apologized for putting up Valley’s cartoons on campus, but its members also doubled down on their support for his work and their commitment to the event. Valley then spewed even more hate on Twitter about a Stanford Jewish student having the chutzpah to write in the school paper explaining that the cartoonist peddles anti-Semitism. The artist was also angry that New York Times’s columnist Bari Weiss, whom Valley libeled as a “McCarthyite,” tweeted her support for those standing up to him.

The funny thing is, Valley's responses to his critics frequently degenerate into him calling them Nazis, even though his cartoons could have come straight out of Nazi propaganda. And I don't think we at MJAC have ever made that charge against anyone before.

One more thing: if you want to read any of his cartoons, you will have to find them yourself. It's not hard. If you're interested.