Incitement Against Jews By U.S.-Based Neo-Nazi And White Supremacist Members Of Pro-Palestinian And

From the invaluable MEMRI website, here is an extremely lengthy and detailed review of some of the viciously anti-Semitic groups that Facebook allows while they shut down conservative voices.


Many pro-Palestinian and BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions against Israel) groups maintain Facebook pages. These pages also serve as a platform for U.S.-based neo-Nazis and white supremacists, whose posts on them can include blatant incitement against Jews.

Parameters Of The Study

The anti-Jewish incitement in these posts includes support for Nazi ideology; expressions of racial hatred and demonization of Jews, including specifically American Jews; conspiracy theories regarding Jewish plans to take control of the world and destroy Western moral values; and calls to action against Jews.[1]

The period covered by this study was January 2016 through April 2019, and the study covered posts by members of the Facebook groups who a) appear to reside in the U.S, and b) espouse neo-Nazi and/or white-supremacist ideology.

It is noteworthy that these individuals are also generally against vaccinations, believe in various conspiracy theories, primarily concerning 9/11 and "chemtrails," and also deny the Holocaust. Many of their posts express admiration of Nazi ideology. They might be devout Christians or blatant atheists, and several members identify with the Confederate South. These individuals were also identified by public Facebook pages that they had "liked," such as "Crush Social Marxism," "Goyim know," various "European Beauty" pages, neo-Nazi pages, and so on. Certain types of "memes" – images or GIFs with a caption added – are also used by those included in this study.[2]

None of the antisemitic posts in these groups were removed by the group's moderators; in fact, often the moderators themselves endorse such posts and even post similar statements themselves.

Groups Examined For Neo-Nazi And White Supremacist Members

See Appendix for more about the groups:

  1. Boycott Israel:[3] Public group with 10,000 members.

  2. BDS FIRST:[4] Public group with about 2,000 members.

  3. Stand with Palestine:[5] Public group with 60,000 members.

  4. ANTI ZIONIST – BOYCOTT ISRAEL:[6] Closed Facebook group with 4,000 members.

  5. A group for Palestine and its friends:[7] Closed group with 24,000 members.

  6. Boycott Israel.... Support the BDS:[8] Closed group with more than 35,000 members.

The research findings are divided into topics.

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