Rep. Ilhan Omar Supports Group That Produced Child Beheading Skit

Remember the Muslim American Society (MAS) school that was teaching its children to liberate Al Aqsa and take joy in beheading their enemies? Many Americans have found it shocking and disturbing - well at least the Americans who know about it. Some of the big-time news sources aren't bothering to say much about it, so some people might have missed it. But people who do know about it are troubled and angered. Representative Lee Zeldin is even calling for a congressional investigation into the MAS.

One representative who might disagree with Zeldin's call for an investigation is (no surprise) Representative Ilhan Omar. In fact, she actively supports MAS. As Patrick Poole at The Federalist reports:

In fact, Omar’s support for MAS goes back years. Her deep ties to the group were on display when she had the MAS-Minnesota chapter Oresident Asad Zaman stand with her as she was ceremonially sworn into the Minnesota House of Representatives in January 2017 with her hand on an enormous Quran. MAS held a reception in honor of her inauguration.

Just a few months later, Omar spoke at the 2017 MAS “Muslim Day” at the state capitol, acknowledging that she had previously participated in the group’s annual event before. Omar was subsequently elected to Congress in November 2018, succeeding former representative and now Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, who had his own ties to MAS.

In fact, Ellison was the subject of a House Ethics investigation after MAS-Minnesota paid for his 16-day trip to Mecca in 2008. At first, Ellison had attempted to conceal the sponsors of the trip, and a senior MAS official had initially denied the group’s involvement.

The MAS-Minnesota chapter both Omar and Ellison have supported has a long history of controversy. The group gained national attention in 2007 when they issued a fatwaauthorizing Muslim taxi cab drivers at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport to deny service to non-Muslim passengers with seeing-eye dogs or who were carrying alcohol.

There's more to the story, so you might want to read the article and the links, which for some reason don't automatically post to Wix. And there are lots of links that give more depth and information about Omar and MAS.

Another one of Omar's defenders is Seth Meyers. He takes Omar's side in this interview with Meghan McCain. According to Meyers, "When we have two Muslim women for the first time, they do have a different perspective on things . . . you have to listen to other people's perspective . . ."

When those other peoples' perspective is anti-Semitic, we'd better listen and then call them out on their anti-Semitism. It seems that Meyers objects to the calling out part when it comes to Muslim women. That's the problem with a lot of people these days. They're willing to condemn anti-Semitism from the Right, but when it comes to the same thing from the left, suddenly they're concerned about free speech and "legitimate criticism of Israeli government policies."

Ilhan Omar's support for MAS should be exposed by all news sources, but since most of them think like Meyers, it won't be.