Muslim American Society "clarification" on kids chanting hate in Philadelphia is simply fa

The shock seems to have died down, and we've moved on to the next big outrage, but is this an outrage that should simple be forgotten? Students at an Islamic school in Philadelphia put on an Ummah Day program in which they sang about martyring themselves to free the Al-Aqsa Mosque. They glorified head chopping and the freeing of Palestine. There is no denying that children were being trained to answer the call to jihad. The Muslim American Society, who runs the school made some lame excuses for the program and the video, and it seems most Americans are naive enough to accept their narrative.

But as Elder of Ziyon reports:

First of all, it wasn't only songs - it was songs and poems. Multiple adults were there, applauding, not to mention the ones who taught the kids, trained them to do their hand motions in sync with the songs, and so on. This was no oversight, and the only remorse is that they were caught. Secondly, if you take this statement at face value, that means that some Muslim "cultural traditions" include calls to behead Jews in Israel. Now, a new statement has been released that contradicts the earlier one, from MAS headquarters in DC:

Our investigation revealed that the school that organized the event on April 17, 2019 is a separate entity renting space from MAS Philadelphia. The school board has informed us that it has taken immediate actions and dismissed the person in charge of the program. In addition, they will form a local commission to aid in sensitivity training and proper supervision for future programs. Unfortunately, the video from the school was uploaded to the chapter’s Facebook page without verifying the content of the video for appropriateness and making sure it conforms to our hate-free policy and values. The chapter will take further steps in assuring strict adherence to publishing and posting policies.

This is not plausible in the least. MAS Philly wouldn't upload dozens of photos and videos for an event from a school only renting the space.

But we're not supposed to question this explanation. We're supposed to wipe the entire episode from our collective memory. Anybody attempting to really get to the bottom of this is in danger of being called an "Islamophobe." What could be worse than that?

UPDATE: Just as an interesting tidbit to this episode, according to CBSPhilly, Philadelphia's CAIR chapter has stepped into the fray, both to claim victimhood for Muslims, but also to promise "sensitivity classes" to the local Muslim community, many of whom are "Palestinian," meaning they came from Judea and Samaria or possibly from Gaza.

The surprising portion of the article was:

The Muslim American Society also shares space with the Al-Hidaya mosque, which serves a large number of Palestinian immigrants, according to Jacob Bender, executive director of the Council on Islamic American Relations’ Philadelphia chapter.

He said Monday that the mosque has asked the council to hold a “workshop on diversity and religious tolerance” to help “members of the immigrant Muslim community have a better understanding of Jewish sensitivities and anti-Semitism, so that events like this don’t repeat themselves.”

Bender, who is Jewish, also said the incident “was not an example of radicalization,” noting the mosque has good relations with Philadelphia city officials.

“This was a stupid decision by an untrained pedagogue and volunteer teacher,” he said.

Nothing personal against Mr. Bender, but is he aware of CAIR's documented ties to terrorism? And the fact that they are a Hamas front group?

UPDATE 2: Regarding Jacob Bender, Executive Director of CAIR-Philadelphia, here is his statement from the CAIR website on May 5:

“As a Jew myself, and whose ancestors were victims of genocidal persecution in Christian Europe, I am proud to work for any organization that has always condemned all statements of hatred and prejudice, especially against minority or otherwise persecuted groups. We should be careful, however, not to conflate criticism of Israeli policy towards the Palestinians with anti-Semitism. Thousands of American and Israeli Jews like myself (such as the organizations Jewish Voice for Peace and If Not Now, When?) are critical of the oppressive policies of the government of Benjamin Netanyahu.”

At least now we know where his sympathies lie.