Dr. Jason Hill Faces the Anti-Semitic Wrath of Students and Faculty at DePaul University

And Dr. Hill isn't even Jewish. He did make the mistake though, of writing a pro-Israel article for the Federalist. We wrote about Dr Hill's article here. You will have to scroll down to get to it. But for your convenience, here is another link to his thoughtful and logical Federalist piece.

Since any whiff of pro-Israel sentiment on today's university campuses is a sin and a thought-crime, Dr. Hill has become DePaul's Public Enemy Number One. To his credit, Dr. Hill refuses to back down, and he deserves our admiration for that.

There have been a number of articles on DePaul's fascist response to Dr. Hill. There are even some good interviews with him.

Here is one from the Daily Caller:

And here is Dr. Hill being interviewed by Tucker Carlson on Fox. You will have to go to the link to watch the video since Wix only seems to support YouTube and Vimeo, and this video is not yet available on either site.

Finally, here is Caroline Glick's take on this fiasco.

While pro-Israel Jewish students are ostracized and then forced to watch as their tormentors are decorated by university administrations that are supposed to protect them, the Hill case makes clear that you don’t have to be a Jew to be the target of antisemitic attacks on campus today.

The DePaul faculty’s censure of Hill followed a week of SJP-led protests against him. Students accused him of supporting “genocide” and called for him to be censured, required to publicly apologize for writing his article, and subject himself to sensitivity training.

Another notable aspect of campus antisemitism revealed by the Hill incident is that as far as the campus crybullies are concerned, antisemitism trumps identity politics. Non-whites on campus enjoy protected status. Allegations against them are castigated as evidence of racism on the part of their accusers, so long non-white involved holds the proper political views.

For instance, Cornell West, a black academic with a long and increasingly vituperative record of antisemitic activism is immune from allegations of bigotry. But Hill, who is a Caribbean-American immigrant from Jamaica does not enjoy the protection of his skin color. As far as the campus commissars are concerned, his blackness is insignificant because his politics are wrong. He likes Jews, and therefore he can be reviled and ostracized.

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