Democratic Party Shadows over Passover 2019

Roger Simon says:

The truly dangerous anti-Semitism, however, is coming from within the Democratic Party and its allies, often masquerading under the thinnest veneer of anti-Zionism. This growing bigotry has its origins in a vile alliance of the left and militant Islam (despite the obvious misogyny and homophobia of Islam — the left doesn't care, for some reason). It has infected our college campuses to the degree that Jewish students often feel threatened and if they are supporters of Israel or (gasp!) Republicans, are forced to go underground in a democracy.

Even worse, this rising anti-Semitism has distorted one of our major political parties beyond recognition and we only have two. It has been going on for some time, but has reached an apotheosis of late with statements from congresspeople that would have fit very well coming from the mouth of the very Father Coughlin.

The wretched irony of this is that this party has been supported by a majority of Jews for as long as anybody can remember. It's as if none of these people learned the lessons of Berlin in the thirties when secular and left-wing Jews thought they would escape the Nazi onslaught.

Many of the Jews in our Democratic Party are educated people who must know this, so that their maintaining this position, not speaking out against the rise of anti-Semitism in their own party, can only be ascribed to cynical selfishness, immorality, or outright cowardice.

And he's right.