Why Are Democrats Kissing The Ring Of Al Sharpton?

Why indeed?

Then again, ruined lives are strewn across Sharpton’s career. Maybe Democrats need to be reminded that Sharpton used a tragic 1991 car accident to incite a four-day race riot in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Or maybe they just don’t care. It was Sharpton who stoked anger over the imaginary nexus between “Tel Aviv” and “South Africa” and the “diamond merchants right here.” After the Jewish community protested, Sharpton said, “Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house.”

But, of course, Sharpton’s bejeweled and rotund frame was, as always, hiding behind bodyguards. It was his mob that took over. And one man who forgot to pin back his yarmulke was Yankel Rosenbaum, a 29-year old Orthodox Jew visiting from Australia who, after turning down a wrong street, was dragged from his car to the shouts of “Kill the Jews!” by throngs of angry protesters and stabbed to death. Never once has Sharpton shown any remorse for his role in this bloodletting.

But when you have a party that can't even come out against one of its members for making obvious anti-Semitic comments, this is no surprise. Besides being the party of Sharpton, it's also the party of Keith Ellison, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar.

But wait. It gets even worse. It's not only the Democratic party who have ignored Sharpton's anti-Semitism and race-bating in order to falsely portray him as some sort of civil rights icon. There is this school in Crown Heights:

Rev. Al Sharpton, a master of agitation, could soon be a doctor of humane letters.

Taxpayer-funded Medgar Evers College, a CUNY school in the middle of Crown Heights, is planning to bestow the honorary doctorate on the man many say inflamed tensions during the bloody 1991 race riots in the Brooklyn neighborhood.

The college, in a resolution to go before a committee Monday, says it wants to recognize Sharpton’s “unwavering commitment to racial, educational and socioeconomic equity” at its June 5 commencement.

The degree would come nearly 28 years after Sharpton played a key role in the days of violence that rocked Crown Heights.

And we all know that Sharpton has had a program on MSNBC for years. There is obviously an effort to encourage the public ignore how odious Sharpton is. The same tactics are being used for Ilhan Omar's and Rashida Tlaib's benefit.