Minnesota’s Muslim AG may get opportunity to enforce Islamic blasphemy laws on ‘remnant of patriots’

Meanwhile in Minnesota:

The stated goal of the task force is to “analyze the impact of Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, recommend actions to improve the safety of Minnesota’s Muslim and Jewish communities, increase participation by the Muslim and Jewish communities in civic life, and recommend possible legislative action.”

It’s that last part – “recommend possible legislative action” – that has free-speech advocates on high alert.

Bachmann said all you need to do is look at the proposed members of the task force, which includes the heads of the Darul Farooq mosque, the Council on American Islamic Relations [CAIR], the Islamic Society of North America and the Muslim American Society of Minnesota. All have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and have spouted hatred for Jews, so Bachmann and others want to know why they would be placed on a committee tasked with reining in anti-Semitism?

Take, for example, the head of MAS’s Minnesota branch, Asad Zaman. Despite his nomination to the proposed task force, Middle East Forum reports that Zaman “is not at all shy about his views on Jews and Islamism. His Facebook account is replete with anti-Semitism, apologism for Hamas and support for convicted war criminals.”

In order to downplay and whitewash anti-Semitism while pretending to be concerned over its spread in today's society, no real action can ever be taken against it. As we've seen from the recent Congressional "anti-hate resolution," anti-Semitism is never allowed by itself to be condemned. Some other hatred, either real or imaginary must accompany it in order to water down any concern that once again Jews are being targeted for being Jewish.

In Minnesota, the Islamists in charge are coupling Islamophobia with anti-Semitism. They know that most people understand that the charge of "Islamophobia" is made in order to silence the criticism of Islam so it can't stand alone. It must hide behind anti-Semitism. People also understand that the goal is to criminalize criticism of Islam. They've already made great strides in Europe with their efforts there.

And of course, who really cares about the Jews? Islamic nations are almost empty of "Saturday People," and now they're working on reducing the ranks of the "Sunday People."