Presenting Laurie Cardoza-Moore

On May 15, MJAC will be sponsoring Laurie Cardoza-Moore and a showing of her documentary, "Boycott This." This is not her only film about Israel. From her biography:

She also began assisting the local Jewish federation with its pro-Israel activities. It occurred to her, that as an actress and producer, and with her husband, Stan, a two-time Emmy-award-winning film producer and director, they had a gift that they could use to proclaim truth to the world. “Israel is fighting a public relations war,” Laurie maintains, “and that means you have to focus always, always, always on the truth.” The result – Laurie and Stan created the documentary series “Focus on Israel “ in the summer of 2003. One film is about a day in the lives of three IDF soldiers. Laurie wants to present them as they are– not as bloodthirsty aggressors, but as kids who simply want to defend their friends, their communities, their land.

And from a recent Jerusalem Post article:

Cardoza-Moore has a vast following. Her Christian TV program “Focus on Israel” has more than 2 billion weekly viewers.

“We call on all American patriots to sign our petition and rally behind the cause of justice and freedom,” said Cardoza-Moore. “As Israel is under attack from Gaza, America is under attack from within our own Congress by the same subversive ideology that seeks to replace everything that we hold sacred. What began with antisemitic tropes has become a thinly veiled attack on Judeo-Christian civilization.”

More details will be forthcoming.

While you're waiting, here is a trailer for "Boycott This."