Political Powerlessness Is Expensive

For the anti-Semite, the blame for all misfortune rests with the Jews. But according to Lee Smith, the blame for the coming Jewish misfortune may just rest with progressive Jews:

Is Omar an anti-Semite? “It is possible for leaders,” Barack Obama said of the Iranian regime, “to be cruel, bigoted, twisted in their world views and still make rational calculations.” Omar’s rhetoric communicates the agenda that she and her allies are driving—their rational calculations.

It’s Obama’s agenda, and that’s why liberal Jews are effectively scapegoating Omar. It is too painful to identify the real source of the problem: An American president that the Jewish community not only overwhelmingly supported but also defended even as his language and his policies clearly spelled danger for them. They believed his validators because they wanted to—the Jewish journalists, diplomats, policymakers, Obama’s envoys to the Jewish community who all vouched for him, how he felt love for Israel and the Jews in his “kishkes.”

At the end of last week Omar seemed to criticize Obama, listing the Obama policies she disliked—immigration, deportation, drone strikes, etc. Omar later contended she wasn’t running down the previous president, but it’s a common dynamic in progressive political movements: Pointing out the failures of the fathers (and mothers) is how you keep the second generation mobilized.

Omar’s attack on Obama as just another “pretty face” who committed plenty of his own crimes is a marker of how fast the new Democratic politics that Obama pioneered have gained traction since his big Iran deal win. Where Obama and his surrogates always claimed that re-aligning the U.S. with Iran, or tilting towards the Palestinians, or condemning Israel at the U.N., were measures being taken for Israel’s own good, and therefore in fact proved how much they cared about Israel, progressives like Omar feel no compunction to engage in such rhetorical flimflam, to palliate “donors” or anyone else. Their pitch is simple: Israel is evil and should be eradicated. What Obama and his surrogates whispered and implied, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and their fellow progressives now feel confident enough to say openly.

Is Jewish support for Obama and for the Democratic party in general the reason we now have Ilhan Omar in a position of power from which she can more forcefully attack Jews and Israel?

Could be. It's obvious though, that the Democratic leadership is bowing to Omar, and to Rashida Tlaib and AOC. We'd better be on our toes and ready to rumble (figuratively speaking of course).