Rashida Tlaib and the company she keeps.

There is an expression that people can be identified by the company they keep.

Rashida Tlaib was elected to the House of Representatives in a district with a constituency whose culture and issues she shares and now projects within the United States Congress.

She celebrated her arrival into the American political stage by draping herself in a Palestinian flag. She says she wants to lead a Congressional delegation to Palestine to expose the human rights abuses against the Palestinians.

If that is correct she should take her fellow Congress men and women to visit Issam Akel who was sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labor - but not by an Israeli court. There is no such Israeli sentence as imprisonment with hard labor. That human rights crime is carried out by Palestinian courts on the orders of the Palestinian Authority.

Akel, like Tlaib, is a Palestinian-American. All the more reason for American congress people to visit him.

Akel's crime was selling his Jerusalem property to an Israeli Jew.

This is the racist, anti-Semitic, Palestinian justice system that flies under the radar.

If Tlaib wants to show her fellow Democrats human rights abuses against her fellow Palestinians here it is, inflicted on Palestinian by their unelected leaders.

And if that is not enough, let Tlaib bring her colleagues to visit the twenty eight Palestinians languishing in Palestinian detention camps in Jericho where, according to Human Rights Watch,they are being tortured for the crime of peaceful protest not against Israel but against their own corrupt leadership.

But of course Rashida Tlaib will not address the blatant human rights abuses inflicted on their own people by the PA and Hamas. Better not to spoil a false propaganda narrative with gruesome facts.

Let's instead examine the friends she keeps.

And you can read about those friends at this link.